Thursday, October 31, 2019

Monk with candle

This is the third monk from the set of 5
and a nice sculp this is as well!

    In this pictures he shines more than in real

    Because of his retired life, it's not a colorful figure

Personal I like the golden candleholder a lot, 
mixed some paint to give the candle his color, not to white.
The drip wax is not very clear, but it is a very nice touch.

This is a metal figure, 28 mm.

Well thats all, still busy on some Romains as well.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Lucky Luke and Rataplan

This month a cool metal set of Lucky Luke 
and his dog Rataplan.
You may have noticed that I love cartoons..

The set contains Lucky Luke standing
and a loose hand and gun, what has to be glued.
And of course his dog, all tin metal.

With strong glue the parts where put together.
and ready to get sprayed there undercoat.

Whit the hard comic colors he looked soon like
the real Lucky Luke and Rataplan.

I found this set some years ago at the event "Crisis"
in Antwerpen Belgium, and when I saw this set, I had to buy it.

It is called "Lonesome Cowboy & Dog"
made by Stronghold Terrain.
(probably because of the rights this name)

Well hope you like it as much as I do.
It was fun painting these 2 figures!

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Monk with coffin

This month I want to show you another monk.
Bought these years ago at Crisis in Antwerpen.

All the photos give more shine and 
less color difference than the original figure.
The cape on his shoulders is a lot lighter than the rest.
So I guess to make another time better pictures...

The figure is from a set of 5 figures,
and has been in a drawer for a while...
The first one I did show on this blog in may 2013...
Oeps I am getting old, it's 2019 already!
Better paint the other 3 as well, and make a small vignette.
I must say, its something different than the Asterix range.
These are 28mm metal figures, and I don't know the brand.
Just because it's non violent, and nice looking, I did buy these.
So it took some time, hope it was worth waiting.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

250 Romains present...

 This month no new work, but a total overview of my Romain Solders.

Last year My goal was to have 150 before FIGZ 2018,
and this year I had as goal 200 for FIGZ 2019..

But it went very well, and in the weekend before FIGZ
I could ad my 250th solder on the scene...

It is always fun if I can buy a few new ones,
but it is getting more difficult every time.

So lets see how many I can get, and paint this year.

For now, this is what I have done until now.
Here is a small film of them all:

As you can see, it is getting a real army now!
Hope you like it as much as I do.
And If you find a Solder from this range,
I hope you think of me for that!

Now back to the painting table!
More Solders are waiting!

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Naughty Witch

As the title does say, a bit of a naughty post this month.
But it must be the warm weather I presume
why this witch is wearing this outfit.

I am talking about the special FIGZ figure 2019.
For those who visit FIGZ every year my good friend Alex
does sculpt a figure in scale 1/72 in a limited edition.
This year he send me a mail, he was a bit carried away...
Now you can see what he ment....

And for me personal it was something new to paint.
Okay I admit I had a lot of fun doing her.
Hours of research for this uniform, hahaha

Not really my scale to paint, but she looks fine to me.

I did put her on a wooden pedestal, and kept it simple...

A big thanks to Alex for making this special figure.

Hope you like her, next month no nude by me, lol

Thursday, May 30, 2019


As you may know, I organize since several years a small event
called FIGZ to promote the hobby of painting figures.
My son Benno did design a simple mascotte for FIGZ:

It's Nappie with some Dutch fun in it.
He has got a Dutch flag and wears wooden shoes!
I asked my giftson Jurrien if he could design
a 3D vesion on the computer, so we could print it.

And a great result in 20 and 28 mm was born.

And before FIGZ 2019 was a fact, I did paint the first one.

The blacklines painting isn't my sort of speciality
but for once I did try it.

Really like the result, okay some guys can do a better job,
but it sure was personal a fun project for me.

Thanks to Benno, Jurrien and Speira Miniatures
to make a dream come true !

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Ice Cream Man

Also this month an Asterix figure...
but wait to see the result!

because the tool in his hand reminds me
a bit of my favorite tool:

It's a ice-cream spoon!!
And since I love ice cream,
a new project was born...

First I cut off the big hammer.
look at this hand, like he is holding something...

and cut the top od this pincer, so it gets a bit round
by adding several layers of white wood glue on it.

From paper I did make a small hat...

yeah he looks like a real ice cream man like this!

now just work on the empty hand..

Fist drilled a small hole, than put a small part of a paperclip in it.
Then making wit putty a small cone with scoops of ice cream.

Then the primer gets on it
and here is the result with colors:

There is still a little bit of ice-cream in the spoon...
oeps to late, on his shoe now!

Well what do you think, does he look like a Ice Cream Man?

I must say, from behind the spoon looks better...

This was my 100 st blogpost, 
so celebrate with Ice Cream sounds perfect!

Well that was all folks, until next month.
Back to my Romain solders again..