Saturday, March 21, 2020


Yeah another superhero this month...
"Batman" also a famous character.

Another scratch idea using the same
Romain Asterix figure from the 70ths
like I did before...

With tissue paper first I made his legs thicker
and wit normal paper the top of his boots and
his small trunk, using all white woodglue.

Also from normal paper I made the top of his gloves.
And again using white woodglue to make the paper stronger.

For the ears I had to cut the original off (sorry)
and drilled 2 holes to put a small piece of paper clip
into them, a few layers white woodglue made 
the new bat ears... (better had to made them straight)

Again my time at kindergarden was useful.
Had to use a small scissors, to cut the right shape.

This is the base of making his total mask.
With more white woodglue I made one mask of it.

The same methode I did do for his boots,
made one total boot with lots of layers glue.

Last detail was of course  his cape, same methode
all made of paper and the white woodglue.. 

And I must admit he looks a bit strange.
But sprayed some gray primer on this new guy.

I used this picture as an example.

My black paint is a bit shiny, but it looks great on him!

So what do you think?
Does he look like Batman from the comic books?
I must admit I am very satisfied with the result.
For sure I will make also a Superman someday.
I got enough extra figures on my search to Romain solders.

And of course I am painting Romains as well
so back to the painting table, hope you like this conversion!


Sunday, February 23, 2020

Incredible Hulk

This month another famous character
from my childhood.
Meet the Incredible Hulk!

Made from the Romain sport guy of the Asterix series.
First I did cur away a part of his pants, so I could make a longer trouser.
And with some white woodglue shaped some legs.

And from simple paper I made the lower part of the trowser.
Of course it is torn, because our friend did grow fast.

Here you can see the simple way it fits.
Again some white wood glue and just put the paper part around his leg.

When both legs are finished, there is our new character: The Hulk!

The paint does finish it all, simple and effective.

Not a spectaculair conversion, but I guess everybody does recognizes him.
I tried to make his hair bigger with white wood glue as well,
but that didn't turned out how I had in mind, so finished that with some paint.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor lou ferringoincredible hulk poster

Well it brings back good memories.
Thats all folks!

Friday, January 31, 2020

Willy Wonka

This is the character from the famous movie 
"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"
known as Willy Wonka...

In his hand a magic color chewing ball
hmm, that looks tasty indeed...

The figure is metal in 28mm scale made by Crooked Dice
and been sold under the name Terry Tonker

 I saw the figure on last Crisis event, november 2019 in Antwerp.
And because I had seen the movie so many times, I had to buy it... 

Tried to get as close as possible on the colors, 
and made his shirt a bit twinkly to show his magic.
It sure was fun to paint this figure.
Singing Oempa Loempa the whole time!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor willy wonka

more info about Willy Wonka here: Link

Hope you like it as much as I do.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

General with Hardee hat

The last post of 2019 is my duel entry against my good Belgian friend Peter.

I called my entry "Let's see where is Santa (yeah I lost again)
This because Peter has painted him as Santa
and he has a binoculars in his hand:

The figure is 28mm scale, and made of metal.

The colors are fantasy, because his coat was bleu and grey pants.
But I choose different, maybe that did cost me votes...

 It was a nice figure to paint, and even if the uniform was 
totally wrong by color, I am satisfied with the result.

The figure is from Eagle Figures and I did buy it at
Crisis fair in Antwerp Belgium.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Joseph, Marquis de Séguiran

This month I did paint a fantastic sculped figure..
Joseph, Marquis de Séguiran, Sieur de Bouc.
Colonel du Réggiment de Maine.
Killed at the Battle of Eeckeren in 1703.

It was the free figure of Crisis 2013
made of metal and sculped by Paul Hicks
I still had it lying around in a drawer

Okay I didn't use the correct colors for his outfit,
but used fantasy ones what they could wear in 1703.

I am extremely happy how his face turned out, with eyes.
This figure is in 28 mm scale.
It was fun painting this figure.