Monday, August 24, 2020


This month no Asterix blacksmith, 
but nice resin figure bought on Crisis show in Antwerpen last year.
For those who know me, always looking for non-violent figures to paint.

Reaper Bones 77142 Townsfolk Blacksmith  Townsfolk: Blacksmith (Human with Hammer & Anvil) 1pk || Unpainted Pla

I found this set from Reaper, Dark Heaven Bones Miniatures,
set 77142 sculped by B. Jackson.

It was fun painting this hard working man.

I did try some painting techniques, for example black with silver on the anvil.

I also made his apron with brown and a dark color somewhat defendant. 
Even a few growth rings on the stump.

I hope you like this other painting style also...

Saturday, July 25, 2020


This month another conversion: Superman

Also made of this cool Asterix figure!
First remove his skirt and shoes

 And then make a pair of pants from a paper handkerchief

Layer by layer with some white wood glue resulted in a diaper, 
you could say Superman was born hahaha

I made his cape in the same way like his pants.

While supporting to get the correct shape, there was some damage.
But since you paste layer by layer, that is no problem at all!

Finally I had to make his curl in his hair ...
I made this from a piece of copper electrical wire

 carefully drilled a hole in his head, then glued the curl into it.

 Finally in the primer, so he can get his famous colors ....

I think he looks like the real Superman ...

He is ready to join the other superheroes:

So you see what you can do with 1 Asterix figure, 
I hope you like this one too!

Friday, June 26, 2020

New goal: 350 Romains

This month no special work, sorry.
It is June and like every year the month of FIGZ.
Last year my goal was to show there 250 Romains
from the Asterix and Obelix range.
Unfortunately FIGZ was canceled this year, 
but I managed to show 350 this month:

Getting them to be photographed together is getting harder and harder...

But hopefully you will get a good impression of this.

The figures are all the original chewing gum figures of the 1970's.

Can you imagine 50 years old and looking so good!

I hope to find some more, although that is getting more and more difficult

Here you see me painting the last color on nr. 350:

Of course this will be continued ...

Now again looking for new Romans, if you find them please keep me informed!

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Huevos y Bacon

This month a Iberian character from the Asterix range.

This guy has long skinny legs, so I had to drill extra carefully.
But it went well, so some primer on him and paint.

I had to google for the right colors, but found him fast on the site
so if you like more info about this Iberian guy take a look there!

I think he came out well in these colors...

Always fun to see these figures come alive wit just some paint.

That was all folks, hope you like him.

And of course I am also painting Romains form this range.
Still searching for new ones, that is a hard task lately.

Thanks for your visit at my blog.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Stay at home

As it is time to place a new monthly post, 
I had no idea what to paint in this crisis periode 
of Covid-19 better known as Corona virus.
It is sunny and I am now busy working in the garden...
And no gym, so we slowly expand.
This gave my a idea to make a fun version of me right now.

I took the fat fish seller from the Gaul village...

Cut away the fish, and drilled a hole through his hand..
Put a piece of paperclip into it.

The fish has been saved, so no protest action is necessary!

I cut the top of a rake from an empty plastic milk carton.

To emphasize the pandemic, I made a mouth mask out of tissue
I made the choirs from some pieces of yarn.

And so you converted your figure in just a few steps

A little primer on it ... and paint!

He immediately started helping me in the garden, how cool is that!

Yes, even in the small Gaul village, the virus has struck

I hope you like him, I sure do.
Keep save and stay at home.
Better times will come.