Saturday, November 18, 2017


This month not a Asterix figure, but a figure in a likewise scale.
Found her on my hunt to more Romains on the internet.

And I panted her as a tribute to my daughter Marjolein!!
Like I did last year my son Benno
Of course because she is a big Disney fan, 
Mickey is on her shirt!

The only thing what is a bit wrong is she has no freckles,
so let's say these are pimples... hahaha

The figure is very simple, so no spectaculair work.
But still fun to paint!

Above the unpainted figure, just to show the difference.
The original name is Titina, and she is from this range of 16 figures:

*found this info here

And as far as I know now, it's a gift in the south of Europe during the 70ths.
Called Big heads from a children TV series with POP characters.
Personally I don't know the original, so long live the internet.

This is the fun part searching Asterix figures, sometimes I find a different serie.
And can show you something else so now and then!

But still painting my Roman army, and hope to find some more solders.

Sunday, October 15, 2017


This month no Romain, but still a Asterix figure....

This is my version of Bonaparte Napoleon...

Who started as a Romain officer from the Asterix bubble gum range.
Buying the figures on my search to Romain solders, does result on lots of double ones.
So I thought to converse this one to the famous Bonaparte Napoleon. 

First I cut away a lot of the original figure, and started with a trouser.
I used tissue paper and white wood glue for this.

Then drilled 2 holes in his head, and made a frame from a paperclip.
Then with milliput made his hat, yeah at this point he got the Nappie look...

Next step was making his new clothes from more tissue and white wood glue.

Here you see his coat, one of the 3 layers tissue with just a small drup of glue.
Putting it on looks strange, but when it's dry it looks okay!

Then the last part, give him a bit of color...

I am really happy with the end result. 

Just look to the original figure, and the scratch Napoleon!
Do you see the difference between these?

I used these 2 photo's for the colors, and okay he isn't all 100% in the right color
but I guess it will do for this figure...

Hope you like him as much as I do!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

You're late....

Hmmm, looks like someone is in trouble...

On first sight it seems okay...

But looking better there is something extra at this woman...

In her right hand she holds a rolling pin behind her back.

Yeah I did add a small extra detail on this nice figure!

And rather simpel as well, took a part of a paperclip
 and bowed in a sort of L shape, drilled a hole next to her hand.

Then cut of a part of a small tube from a spraycan,
and some wood glue, and it already looks good!

As you saw last month, I paint a lot of Romain solders,
and to get those I have to buy also a lot of different figures from
the Asterix chewing gum range, and this is the result of having
more of the same figures, a little scratch added to it.

I hope you like her, I do for sure.
Turned out exactly like I had in mind.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

101 Romains

This month nothing new, been a bit to busy with other things then painting figures...
So I show you my Romains I have painted so far!

My personal goal for FIGZ 2017 was: 100 Romain solders painted..
(to show as a surprise for my good friend Peter)

Okey there are some Egyptian solders painted as Romains,
but it looks good to me....
I tried to paint them all different, so there looks to me more variety in them. 

The green color and black and white stripes make these figures awesome,
and recognisable as the Romains from the Asterix comic books. 

In fact only a few colors are used for them....

Of course silver for there harness, with golden details,
and light bleu with white and yellow for the shields.

And like in the comic book, red for the trousers of course!

Looking to these funny figures, I must admit I really like them!
(and you see I didn't post them all in a monthly post)

Ohw and yes I finished them on time for FIGZ 2017 
and there will be more in the future I hope...

That's all folks!!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Dutch Napoleonic Infantery

Look who marching into my blog...
(yeah on the last 2 pictures in may '17 you could see them already)

This moth I show the 6 Dutch infantry Napoleonic figures.
I did paint extra for my good friend Jan his group build for FIGZ.

I only told him I would paint a flag carrier,
but as a small surprise I added these 6 guys in the parcel.

But what a hell it is to paint those Nappies...
I know it sounds stupid, but I really hate painting them...
And that's why it took a bit longer than I had hoped for!

I tried to get the right colors, to avoid to much reactions..

Okey, when there is more then one, it already looks nice...

And I would almost like them, hahaha

But even I hate these figures, I liked to do this as a thank you for Jan,
who did a really great job on the 
Bennos Figures Forum Great Miniature Figures Parade 2017.

When I send the parcel it took so long, 
I was afraid I lost them in the post.
But after two weeks they finally arrived, pffff.

So this was the rest of my entry for this years group build.

To get a impression on the total project, look at the forum post
klick here

Used figures: Hät set 8025