Sunday, April 23, 2017


This month another figure I found
on my never ending hunt for Asterix figures....

The same size like the Asterix figures,
so must be also a chewing gum figure.
It's Maya the bee....

Even when I personal dislike this character, I had to paint her.
The orange body with black stripes....

The wings I did dry bush with silver
to get a more nicer effect.

I am sure to make some kids smile on my next show
They will like the character for sure!

Ohw and don't worry, I am still working on my Asterix project,
but thought to show you something else then every month
the same sort of figures.......

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Elmer Fudd

Hello there!

Yeah this month no Asterix figure, still painting them but would
like to show you something else this time...

It's Elmer Fudd the hunter of the Loony Tunes
"Be vewy vewy quiet, I am hunting..."

A plastic figure I got hunting for Asterix figures
and couldn't resist painting him...

I don't know from where this figure came,
but think he must be from the 70's as well.
I hope you like him!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

And again a Romain Soldier...

Maybe this face look familiar to you...
Yeah you are right, I have painted this guy before...

The problem is I have painted all available  Romains now

So I have to paint them all just a little different.
And since I have pushed my self to put 1 blog post every month

I can only say sorry to keep those guys comming...
The result of my long term project.
But I will try to put here some other figures so now and then...

This figure is original a solder from the army of Cleopatra,
but the Romain colors makes him look like a Romain I think..

Still looking for more Romains for my long term project,
So if you got them, and don't know what to do with them...
Just let me know!!!

It's from the Bubblegum range of the 70ths..

Monday, January 23, 2017

FIGZ promo girl

This month a totally different figure:
It's my "FIGZ promo girl"

Original she is called Inga (hornblower), a 28mm metal figure
Sculpted by Alan Marsh for Bad Squiddo Games

I bought her on Crisis - Antwerp for a duel on Bennos Figures forum
against my good friend Jan (yeah he did win...)
My goal is always to find non violent figures to paint,
and only saw at home this girl had a sword on her belt....

 The idea of giving her a FIGZ shirt came from my GF 
a cool idea I must say!
You can see this figure life of course on our next FIGZ!!!

 Hope you like the result.
I had fun painting this girl!