Sunday, April 24, 2022

Keep away from Porky

This butcher has a big problem..
He fell in love with this pig!
and now he's defending his pink friend.

Another fantastic figure from Reaper Bones.
This pig stole my heart when I saw him.
And as a non violent painter the knife was a bit non done,
but if you look at it a little differently, it's not too bad

I decided to make his apron striped, with the pattern on the bag slightly different.
I am very happy with the color choice this time, even if I say so myself.

All the different layers of clothing have their own color.
And of course a pink pig as an eye-catcher

Only the paint for his beard appeared to shine, which was a pity.
I tried to disguise this with some black paint, but this did not work.

I have provided his cap with a white dot from above.

I had a lot of fun painting this figure. 
And I'm happy with the result in the end.

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Going to the ball


This month a small lady:

Its a fantastic resin printed figure
from Speira Miniatures in scale 20 mm.

It was a long time ago to paint 1/72
and I must say bigger figures I prefer more.
Looks like the figures getting smaller every time,
or is it my bad painting style, hahaha

The figure is amazing with fine details,
even in this small scale.
I chose her for a duel with my good friend Peter:

And thanks to his last vote, it was a draw
He mailed me pictures of before and after voting.

I tried to show some of the details on the umbrella,
but it ruined a bit the overall sweet look.
On the inside I left it white.

The dress I did dry-brush with silver,
can't see it on the photo but it had a cool result.

Never the less, a cool figure to paint,
hard to paint under the umbrella.
But we both had fun.

Ohw the duel was planed a long time ago,
but I lost my figure, so ordered an new one.
Otherwise Peter was still waiting...

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Lovely witch

 This month another witch...

I forgot to take a unpainted picture, 
so yo have to do with a gray sprayed figure.

I bought it a few years ago on the Crisis event in Antwerp Belgium
Can't find the brand, but when I do I will edit this post.
A metal figure 28mm it is.

And with some paint they both came alive.

The colors I wanted to use where directly in my mind

A purple/bleu witch and a green baby dragon it was

On the back of the dragon I painted some extra dots

I am very pleased with the result,
and I give them the names of 
2 people I love:

Witch Angélique and her little dragon Jurrepur!

I hope you like the figure in these colors,
now back to my Romains..

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Monday, January 31, 2022

Genius bottle gold paint

Like a lot of fellow figurepainters I use
Vallejo paint, and I took a closer look at 
The label of this gold paint. 
There was a warning written what caught my attention:
Contains Genie....

So I quickly took the cap off, 
and with a cloth I rubbed the bottle...

A real Genie appeared, what a surprise!

This friendly Genie was so glad to be out of this small bottle.

He was so grateful to me that I could make 3 wishes...

Hahaha, I hope you liked this conversion, now step by step how I made it:

I started my conversion again with this
figure form the 1970s Asterix range.
On my search for Romains, 
I had to buy some extra of these...
So always fun to make a special one out of them!

First step was cutting his arms and legs...

The arms just needed another pose, so I drilled a small hole in them.
Then added a part of a paperclip for a solid construction

Another hole in his body, cut the paperclip to the right size
end bend it for the pose I had in mind...

With PVC glue I filled up the holes, and also added a small ring
on his head, around the hair.

Then added a bigger paparclip and tried to make
the right basic for his Genie rope

With Milliput, covered with paper tissue I made the right shape.
Used some Paper shaper to make the tissue hard.

The form looked perfect when dry, so a gray coat spray before painting.

During the painting, I saw I forgot his beard.
So made one from a clip for a plastic bag, and pvc glue...

I also cleaned an empty Vallejo paint bottle

And put some gold paint inside

On my comupter I designed
a new label for the bottle.

My inspiration whas this drawing,
and I must say it turned out well!