Thursday, November 24, 2022


 This is my lovely wife Angélique

as you can see she loves squirrels
thats is why she loves to visit my house hahaha

I gave the squirrel a white breast, 
I think those are the nicest ones

this figurine has been digitally composed especially for me

the figure is a 3D print I got from Jurrien
together with a figure of myself
which I already showed in June

I tried to make her as I know her with a mixed shirt,
bleu jeans and fancy shoes

I am happy with the result
and love her as much  like the original

Just look how happy she is!
Arent we a cool couple together.

Thanks for watching, hope to see you next month again 

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Chop some wood

This month an old figure from Atlantic set 1012 Sioux camp
of an Indian choping trees

My Belgian friend Peter sent me this one 
with some other non-violent figures from this range

Although I wasn't really in the mood 
to paint a figure this month, it looks quite nice.

Hopefully he has enough wood to communicate 

Thank you for visiting, see you next month


Friday, September 30, 2022

Dwarf Wizard

This month another wizard.
The main problem looking for non violent,
you get a lot of wizards as result.

This figure is from the Bones Miniatures range
Dark heaven.

His pose is nice, relax with a pipe in his hand.

Painting him I had some problems with my paint.
It was to watery, and took a long time to dry.

But he came out well, the stick in his other hand I painted
red, wit some yellow and gold. 
A choice I guess is a bit different as usual.

Also this head turned out well.

Thanks for watching,
Hope you like him!

Saturday, August 27, 2022


This month another scratch figure
starring a shield bearer from the Asterix range
as Butlerix....

I will show first step by step how I made him:


first I cut away his helmet and sword
and then I started on the accessories

From a transparent hard plastic material
I made a tray and a bow tie

This immediately made it clear what the butler would look like
with some PVA glue I made a few buttons on his shirt.

I made his jacket out of paper

Then make a bottle out of a piece of plastic spruel

But I also carefully cut a small cup


Then make the cup hollow with a small drill


Then glue it to the tray, 
and a napkin over his arm from a simple piece of paper

Finally I painted a few colors on him

He didn't become very colorful,
but he did become a real butler in the end


A black jacket, white shirt, and gray striped pants


Luckily I was able to add something of color with a silver tray 
on it a green wine bottle and a gold cup

Yes I am happy with the end result.
It was so much fun to make him.

I hope you liked my scratch,
thanks for your visit


Sunday, July 31, 2022

Wizzard of Frog

This month a special figure...
A frog, and no it's not Kermit
but a real Wizzard!

It was a Father's Day gift from my bonus son
He printed it in resin in 28 mm scale

This figure was quite outside my comfort zone but
"non violent" so hopefully I gave him the right colors

in his staff are even 2 bird skulls that are attached
with a rope through their eye socket

In his hand he has a beautiful lotus flower
which I have given a golden tint

Some feathers show off on his shoulder

I made the bottles and the bag on his belt extra colorful

you can only see 1 foot,
but those green toes are really funny

for the base I took a metal ring,
and put some stones and grass on it

That was the contribution for this month again,
I hope you liked it