Saturday, March 30, 2024

600 Romains

Those who know me know that by now 
I am busy painting my Roman Asterix soldiers.

It would be boring to make a blog post of this every month,
but now that these two are done, I'll make an exception for once.

While the stash on my painting desk is slowly growing,
I have reached another beautiful milestone.

First remove all from the painter's cork, 
and poke again briefly on a Styrofoam plate.

So that looks nice, and ready just in time
for the EME fair in Lingen (Germany).

It has become an impressive army,
when you see all 600 of them together,
yes there are exactly 600 of them now!

It is pretty crowded, but also quite cosy together like this.

Hopefully Obelix will stay away for a while,
because my goal is to get 1,000 Romans ready for him,
so yes I passed more than  half of them now.

Funnily enough, it still doesn't bore me,
it's only 7 different figures each time.

And actually it's a double hobby, not just painting,
but also to find these figures from the 1970s,
which is also quite an achievement in itself.

But then when you hear the reactions at such a fair,
you immediately know what you are doing it for.

Such a huge army attracts quite a bit of attention I can say!

Many photos were taken, so people can still enjoy them at home.

No they are not camera shy, but proudly pose all 600!

Well that was my monthly post again,
as you can see I still paint more than 1 figure a month.
 Just to keep some variation in it,
I try to paint something else as well, as you can see. 
I am quietly continuing towards that goal of 1,000 Romans,
but wanted to show this milestone this month,
and because they were at the fair anyway,
I had a nice overall picture this way.

Thanks for your visit,
I will start looking for new Romans again
and continue painting in the meantime.

Thursday, February 29, 2024


This month is all about time, time is money,
and because of the leap year, we got an extra day!

Also this time I had an idea to remodel a figure,
and as you can see, this one is perfect for that.

First let's reposition the arms

This way they are a little further apart....

From a sprue I made a pair of hourglasses,
as my first idea goes back in time.

Then I made a garment out of tissue with PVA glue.

The glue eventually made it a nice hard base.

When I saw in my mind's eye how he was going to be,
I decided to make it a more modern time.

From a page in a notebook, I cut out a tie.

And through the tie he flew into the present time.
Some pva glue on top so it stands out a little more.

From a piece of plastic, I cut out 2 pockets,
which I gave the final look with some pva glue.

Yes it has clearly become a coat.

Just some primer on it, so I can bring it to life with colors.

Finally, instead of the hourglasses,
I decided to paint some black lines on them,
with a drop line on top.

I painted the drops gold, and then white in the middle,
which already looked top quality.

After the hands were on, the street vendor was ready,
with a beautiful collection of Roleks watches....

From behind, it's like he's showing something else....

Watch this...

Who wants to buy a watch...

That was another fun little project,
even though it was not made super nice due to the lack of time,
I think the end result is very funny anyway.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Wednesday, January 31, 2024


This month I rebuilt another Asterix series figure, 
from a shield bearer I made the famous Dutch acrobat Adriaan.

First I cut away his sword, and he also got to take off his helmet,
who knows, it might come in handy another time.

With some layers of PVA glue, he regained some hair on his head

Then I bent a thin iron wire into a kind of wave shape.

A quick try on, and his shirt already got the look!

After this, I decided to put his arm in another position. 
So cut loose and drill a hole in the arm and body with a small drill.

Using a paperclip as reinforcement, I put the arm back in place.

I bent the arm into the right position.

As you can see, an opening is created at the back.

But with a few layers of PVA glue, it became one again.

Then pimp his shirt a little more...

And while the primer was drying on the figure, I got to work on some beads.
First with wire, but nylon fishing line turned out to work better.

After painting his simple tenure, I applied the fishing line and beads.

Finally, I gave the balls fresh colours: red - yellow - green - orange - purple. 

All in all, a very simple conversion, but still with a top result.
I am happy with the final result!

And so finally after I made Bassie before, this duo is complete!

Thursday, December 28, 2023

Time for books and coff ieeeee

This month I show you another fantastic figure.

Found him as a free STL file on the internet HERE

If you know me a little bit,
you know that I am always looking for non violent figures. 
And this one is so funny, I had to have it.
Just sent the link to my bonus son: The Frost City

Fortunately, my bonus son has a 3D printer,
and I ordered 2
so I could duel with these on Bennosfiguresforum.

I chose a somewhat colorful outfit, 
and decided to give him socks with a stripe pattern.

But that was not the intended result,
so it ended up being a diamond pattern.

In the end everything was in a color combo I liked,
and even though the coffee broke down 2x during the painting process,
I was happy with the final result,
just need to take some pictures for the duel....

And yes, I want to take it off the painter's helper,
and crack.... ohhh no....

So off to work with the superglue again,
first his leg and later for the third time the coffee,
and then touch everything up again with paint.

Eventually this also gave me the obligation 
to give the bottom of his stockings
a slightly different motif through the glue layer.
This result too was satisfactory.

And even though my opponent also made a great entry,
I got to declare myself the winner for once. 
A nice little figure, though difficult to paint with the books,
but highly recommended as far as I'm concerned.

Check out the duel on Benno's Figures Forum HERE