Thursday, February 18, 2021

Squaw making dinner

And again an old figure, from the Atlantic set 1012 Sioux Camp.
It is an Indian woman who is going to cook a rabbit.

I got this figure from my Belgian friend Peter.
When he did sent me the Gold digger
for my duel against Mr. X on our forum.

He send me a lot non violent figures, but this girl
I had to paint for a duel against Peter.
That was part of the deal, so I had to duel again...

Because Peter mailed me his pictures before I started
I would play it fair, so I decided to use other colors.

Even the rabbit had to be brown, not gray.
And I added some white spots on him.
Even gave him a name: Peter Rabbit.

Yeah I lost again, but I had fun painting
Thats where it is all about.
Here you find the DUEL 


Sunday, January 17, 2021

Indian with peace-pipe

This month another figure I got from my good friend Peter.
Sending me the golddigger for the duel, he send me more non violent.

Even unpainted I like this one a lot.
And since I like non-violent... 
with a peace-pipe I couldn't resist to paint him.


A bit bit of my comfort zone I must say


Hope I did use some right colors, even tried to paint
a small stripe on on his sleeve.

Let's start 2021 with peace I would say!

Saturday, December 12, 2020



Like every year I try to do a duel in december.
And like every year I loose this duel, hahaha.

I got 5 out of 21 votes, but hey it's better than 0
and it's for fun, so I don't mind at all.

The figure is from an old Atlantic set, a gift from my good friend Peter.
For me it's always a must to find a non violent figure, and so he did sent me this one.

I tried to put some mud on the shovel,
and turned his jack into Santa's coat...
Because it's December, and my way to say:
Merry Christmas and a better 2021 all!

You can find the duel here
And the PSR link of the Atlantic Gold Rush set here

Sunday, November 29, 2020


This month another figure from Bones Miniatures:

Yes a undertaker, with his shovel and lantern,
bought last year at Crisis convention in Antwerp

With colors I tried to make him a bit more colorful,
on the base I added some grass

It was sure fun to paint him

with silver drybrush I tried to make the lantern look real, 
unfortunately you don't see this in the photos

There are some nice details on this figure,
like the skulls on the lantern and on his coat

I have applied traces of use on the shovel

Hopefully you like him.


Saturday, October 24, 2020

We met the Gauls...

This month again a part of my Asterix project.
For those who know me, I try to buy the old chewing gum figures from the 70ths.
And sometime they are broken, by post or just by age...

And because these guys are so hard to get, 
I tough to make special figures from them.
When you know the Asterix comics, these guys can fly...

And because they never die, the only thing is there spears are broken...
So I made some broken spears from paperclip and Milliput.

and in a simple way I made the figures usable again:

First cut the broken part above the hand
and dril a hole in the hand because this part is thicker 

Then see how long the spear should be...
And simply cut it to the right size

The last part is to add some white glue
so it will bet thicker, stronger and better to paint.

and some new special "broken" figures are ready..

First a coat of primer before the painting can begin..

And what fun to paint these guys, they look fantastic.

All solders having a blue eye of course
and one had a piece of plastic hanging on his mouth
that looked like a tongue ...

So you see, even from broken figures you can make something out of it.
I hope you like them, I do my self for sure.
Now I have to find more figures on the internet, even the broken ones.


Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Mother with kids

And again a figure from Dark Heaven Bones Miniatures:
the figure 77097 "Townfolk - Mom & kids" 

These reaper sets are cheap, and because I like non violent figures
I couln't resist this one as well on the event 'Crisis" in Antwerp last year.

When I was painting I saw that the faces didn't look pretty to me.
And I started to like her less and less, unfortunately

And then when I added some effects with wash, it went completely wrong.
Now she looks like a filthy woman with children, 
and some details I painted disappeared

So this month a figure that I am not happy with!
 Luckily I have a few Romans which suits me more.
So I will continue with those, hahaha