Sunday, July 31, 2022

Wizzard of Frog

This month a special figure...
A frog, and no it's not Kermit
but a real Wizzard!

It was a Father's Day gift from my bonus son
He printed it in resin in 28 mm scale

This figure was quite outside my comfort zone but
"non violent" so hopefully I gave him the right colors

in his staff are even 2 bird skulls that are attached
with a rope through their eye socket

In his hand he has a beautiful lotus flower
which I have given a golden tint

Some feathers show off on his shoulder

I made the bottles and the bag on his belt extra colorful

you can only see 1 foot,
but those green toes are really funny

for the base I took a metal ring,
and put some stones and grass on it

That was the contribution for this month again,
I hope you liked it


Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Mini ME


This month a cool figure 
especially when you know me.....

My bonus son Jurrien designed this fantastic figure
of me wearing my shirt an cargo trowsers
and made a cool 3D resin print of if

This was something different, to look in the mirrow and paint myself.
Unfortunately I ate the ice cream while painting, so you'll have to do without it.

Thanks Jurrien for this fantastic gift!

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Vlaai for FIGZ

Mhmmm what is that nice smell?

    This must be that pretty lady my good friend Peter always orders his vlaai from, 
before he comes to FIGZ, and now we understand why.... hahaha 

    I got this figure from my stepson, who printed it for my birthday.
It's a own design, made on a website, and I love it!

    Yeah it's a beautiful lady with a sweet cat who also seems to love cake.
    As you can see I tried to make a floral pattern on her apron.

    To make it a bit different, I did go for a somewhat colorful this time.
    This lady is crazy about colorful patterns...

  I painted the cat a bit in the Aristocat style. Isn't it sweetie...

Now I will focus on FIGZ next week,
got a few Romains to show there!

Thanks for your visit, hope you liked it.



Sunday, April 24, 2022

Keep away from Porky

This butcher has a big problem..
He fell in love with this pig!
and now he's defending his pink friend.

Another fantastic figure from Reaper Bones.
This pig stole my heart when I saw him.
And as a non violent painter the knife was a bit non done,
but if you look at it a little differently, it's not too bad

I decided to make his apron striped, with the pattern on the bag slightly different.
I am very happy with the color choice this time, even if I say so myself.

All the different layers of clothing have their own color.
And of course a pink pig as an eye-catcher

Only the paint for his beard appeared to shine, which was a pity.
I tried to disguise this with some black paint, but this did not work.

I have provided his cap with a white dot from above.

I had a lot of fun painting this figure. 
And I'm happy with the result in the end.

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Going to the ball


This month a small lady:

Its a fantastic resin printed figure
from Speira Miniatures in scale 20 mm.

It was a long time ago to paint 1/72
and I must say bigger figures I prefer more.
Looks like the figures getting smaller every time,
or is it my bad painting style, hahaha

The figure is amazing with fine details,
even in this small scale.
I chose her for a duel with my good friend Peter:

And thanks to his last vote, it was a draw
He mailed me pictures of before and after voting.

I tried to show some of the details on the umbrella,
but it ruined a bit the overall sweet look.
On the inside I left it white.

The dress I did dry-brush with silver,
can't see it on the photo but it had a cool result.

Never the less, a cool figure to paint,
hard to paint under the umbrella.
But we both had fun.

Ohw the duel was planed a long time ago,
but I lost my figure, so ordered an new one.
Otherwise Peter was still waiting...

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Lovely witch

 This month another witch...

I forgot to take a unpainted picture, 
so yo have to do with a gray sprayed figure.

I bought it a few years ago on the Crisis event in Antwerp Belgium
Can't find the brand, but when I do I will edit this post.
A metal figure 28mm it is.

And with some paint they both came alive.

The colors I wanted to use where directly in my mind

A purple/bleu witch and a green baby dragon it was

On the back of the dragon I painted some extra dots

I am very pleased with the result,
and I give them the names of 
2 people I love:

Witch Angélique and her little dragon Jurrepur!

I hope you like the figure in these colors,
now back to my Romains..

Thanks for visiting my blog.