Saturday, July 16, 2011

Medical Jeep

This is my medical jeep, I remodeled it from the Hasegawa kit MT1:

This box comes with a cargotrailer and a 37mm Gun.
I didn’t use them, but in stead I remodeled the jeep in to a ambulance jeep.
The back of the jeep needed to be prepared for 2 stretchers.
So I made a frame of iron wire, and even made a roof on top of it.
I made 2 stretchers, one for a wounded man,
and one that wasn’t expanded yet.

On the stretcher is a fig from an other Hasegawa model,
I had to because I first used another fig,
but when I was painting him I saw that this guy had a piece of arm on him,
seems it was a part of an other guy who was giving him first aid.
So I did make mini vignette for these two guys.
(the fig I mean is the second on the right!)

The figures I used ar from the Pegasus kit "US Rangers D-Day"

I made a small vignette:
7 x 9 cm

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