Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Every year in november all Dutch children go to the harbour to see this old man
ariving to our small Dutch country.
After a long trip form Spain with his steam boat they are all glad to see him back again.
With his helping black friends (zwarte piet) he goes up the roofs every evening night,
and they put candy and gifts in the schoes of the cildren.
On the 5th of december he celebrates his birthday, and he will give everyone gifts.

So I tought it would be fun to make this famous Spanisch friend
and did make him from the Revell set 02575 Prussian Hussars:

First using the knife to cut off a few Prussian details, than remodele with simple materials.
For the mitre I used a part of a lollypopstick, for the clothes and deck I used paper napkins with woodglue.
The staf is made of iron wire, the reinds are from fishing line 0,25 mm

The roof is made of carton strips 1x5 cm, used a handy tool from my GF to rible them.
The walls are from foam, and on top I did use singles from paper.

It was realy fun to make this one, when I can find a good figure for a "zwarte piet" I will make him as well.

let's hope you all like him...

You want more info about Sinterklaas... klik here


  1. good conversion and very successful.

  2. What a nice conversion there Remco!
    Excellent work. You are making us wait for Christmas! :)

  3. very nice work Remco!!!! yay I am starting to feel that christmas is on the way except in New Zealand Father Christmas' sliegh is drawn by sheep its too hot for the reindeer :-D

  4. He became a perfect look-a-like! Fantastic job!

  5. What a lovely conversion, great work Sir.

  6. Nice and colorful. A good conversion for a figure in that scale. We like Santa Claus because he was a "real" person. Will you make his helper?

  7. a nice rider !
    and a very good conversion's work!
    I like this colourful figure.
    congrats my friend!

  8. That's really skillful crafting, excellent work sir!

  9. Super nice job from conversion to finished project picture, Sir!

  10. What a great conversion, I'd have never guessed he started out as a Prussian Hussar!!

  11. Brilliant conversion...the idea for the crozier is great and the roof looks very good as well.

  12. One post a month, but a funny one this time Remco! Great conversion! Yo are a real "kapoentje"! :-D

    PS: I nominated you for teh "Liebster Blog Award":!


  13. Remco dit is echt schitterend werk,dit brengt me weer in de kinderschoenen echt genieten...

  14. Very nice conversion here and I like the colors.

  15. Wat een metamorfose !! Van soldaat naar Sinterklaas.

  16. who sweet is get icecream, who bad is the wooden cane ofzo....
    I like it very much you showed us - humble spectators - how you achieved this.

  17. Idea is super, conversion and paintwork are beautiful,

  18. Ik vind dit echt helemaal geweldig Remco, vooral omdat je de Sint van een ander figuurtje gemaakt hebt.
    Ik heb de rest van je blog ook allemaal bekeken en ik vind het allemaal heel mooi en knap.
    Dracula is mijn favoriet.
    Ik zet je blog in mijn reader, zodat ik je toekomstige werk ook kan bewonderen.

    Groetjes van Jolande