Saturday, November 9, 2013

Big Slave

To get a smile on the slaves tracker his face I got a first slave this month...
But he must use his whip, because this guy is BIG!!

Like the others this is also a chewinggum figure
who got som (fantasy) colors from me

Look at those muscles
I guess he will get some havy work to handle

No powerdrink for this guy...


  1. Nice model. Man that is a long time ago since this models came with chewing gums...
    Thanks for sharing the nostagia...

  2. You may count this one as two figures for this month Remco! It' a big one!
    Nice work!


  3. Hoi Remco,
    Very nice Blog you have with great and funny Asterix series Figz. I am quite impressed!
    Keep up this fine work!

  4. Geverfd is toch wel veel mooier dan zo'n groen poppetje :-)

  5. Hahahahahaha! Nice job Remco! You are always so good with the eyes . It's important to make that windows to the soul a funny one! :) Great hair too. hahahahaha

  6. I am a believer in the Magic of Paint! The more color the better! I have followed you here from San's! blog. I Love Asterix and Obelix! I remember reading Asterix and Obelix comics to my children when they were young.... there were even a few video (that long ago!) versions that we used to watch. Your painting is very good!

  7. Hi Remco!
    Found your Blog and gorgeous work via Sans' blog! You make
    wonderful work! I have always loved Asterix and Obelix -comics! never get too old for that...
    Do you make some scenes with these?

  8. Thanks all!!
    Yeah who doesn't love these comic figures..
    And I am planning to make a small village indeed.
    On this moment it's in my head, now just making it...
    I must say these old figures are just so much fun to paint.
    So sorry, but bore will folow!