Sunday, February 9, 2014

Roman Guard

As we all know, many of the Roman guards are not so bright.
And looking at this one, we all know he is going to fly soon.
Only his shoes remain on the ground after meeting Obelix...

Again a figure from the chewinggum series,
and so much fun to paint!
For me the small tooth detail realy did it!

I did use the colors from the comic book.
Like he must be painted in my opinion.

This is the guy before paining...
I hope you like him as much as I do....


  1. Poor silly guy :-)
    Very well painted, I think even perfect!

  2. always nice painting work !
    I'm surprised to see your monthly post as early ...

  3. I think it is amazing that these guys are gumball figures!!! You do a fantastic job with the painting! How many do you have? Or are you still buying the gumballs hoping for the elusive prize???

    1. Thanks, the figures are old and I did buy a lot of them, and since I am a slow painter it will take some years to paint them all! My plan is to make a small village in the future.

  4. Lovely painted figure! He has that cartoonic look, which I like!