Sunday, March 29, 2015


This month something different:
On Bennosfiguresforum my good friend Jan
asked members to join a groupbuild for 
because of the 200th anniversary of the Waterloo battle.
This project will be shown on FIGZ 2015!
And because I organize FIGZ, I took part on it as well.
So I choose the Dutch Belgian Light Dragoons from Hät

2 Horses and 2 Nappies an a uniforminfo was my start

First I had to base them, auch this must hurt...

Then the painting started, and I can tell you, these will be my last 20 mm Nappies
I didn't like it at all to paint them, what a hell of a paintjob.
Still not satisfied, but have to send them to Jan now.
Now I am curious to see the total scene in June.

Well this is my contribution:

And the other one:

Together they look already like a small army:

More info about BFFFWP: Here
Used figures: Hät 8032
Uniforminfo: Here

When the BFFFWP diorama is ready
I will update this blog!


  1. Yeah, they're ready! To me they seem well painted and right on time.

  2. Wow, you must be tired now Remco? Two horses and riders, four pieces in total! They look great mate!


  3. Yes,Remco,I like them too.Very Nice Painting! Did you paint up all the others that were in the box too? BB