Saturday, August 12, 2017

101 Romains

This month nothing new, been a bit to busy with other things then painting figures...
So I show you my Romains I have painted so far!

My personal goal for FIGZ 2017 was: 100 Romain solders painted..
(to show as a surprise for my good friend Peter)

Okey there are some Egyptian solders painted as Romains,
but it looks good to me....
I tried to paint them all different, so there looks to me more variety in them. 

The green color and black and white stripes make these figures awesome,
and recognisable as the Romains from the Asterix comic books. 

In fact only a few colors are used for them....

Of course silver for there harness, with golden details,
and light bleu with white and yellow for the shields.

And like in the comic book, red for the trousers of course!

Looking to these funny figures, I must admit I really like them!
(and you see I didn't post them all in a monthly post)

Ohw and yes I finished them on time for FIGZ 2017 
and there will be more in the future I hope...

That's all folks!!


  1. Wow! You have painted a lot! They look great together... a real Army of them! I hope you will keep painting!

  2. Superb work on all of those Romans - great stuff! :)

  3. every time I see them at a reasonable price , I buy them...
    and sometimes gifts by friends of course!

  4. Remco, They are Fantastic looking Fun-time Romans.
    Those little fellows you painted up are really in comic book style Fine and Dandy.Well done my friend. Toutatis. BB

  5. He really surprised me with these! Job well done Remco!