Saturday, June 10, 2017

FIGZ fun

This month a small special project...
My contribution for the FIGZ painting competition.

I made a happy figure painter at FIGZ!
And of course wearing his FIGZ shirt...

Looking at those nice boxes wit HäT figures

I made this small vignette in a black bottle cap.

Filled the cap with foam, and on top of that made a wooden floor.

This is made from carton, some extra knife cuts and acryl paint over it. 

The table is made from lucifer sticks, and a carton table top.
Printed some different HäT boxes in a extra small version.
They are 5mm long, and I even made the sides of the boxes.
Inside I did put a bit of foam to keep them in the proper form.

The figure is form the Asterix bubble gum range.
this guy is 3 cm high.

Such a small vignette with a funny result.
A little bit of scratch build, and a single figure.

And no I did't win the contest, but I knew that before I enter it.
Because I organize FIGZ every year on the first Sunday of June,
I felt that I had to enter it as a example for the others.

Hope you liked it, and at least it's again
something else on my blog!


  1. Hij is echt geweldig! Belachelijk dat je niet gewonnen hebt, zo origineel!

  2. Hi Remco! He is very cute and creative too! Great idea to wear the FIGZ shirt! I hope the Fair was fun!

  3. Remco it is a very cool little entry! The HäT boxes are an inspired choice. I would have voted for you...

  4. Lots of applause for your clever and entertaining modeling idea and finished model.

  5. Really nice, and a very impressive level of detail given the scale of the build.

  6. What a lovely contribution, great scene Remco.

  7. Wat ontzettend leuk, is het een zelfportret? ;-) Erg leuk dat hij zo'n t-shirtje aanheeft!

  8. What an excellent little vignette. Well done with your entry. :)

  9. Very nice piece and from such humble beginnings.