Sunday, February 11, 2018


This month I have another tribute to someone.
It's my future daughter in law Kristina!

 She is now graduated at the University of Leiden,
and we are all very proud of her.

So I did choose another figure from the Big head figures.
Like I did with the ones I made of Benno and Marjolein.
The original figure name is Paleca as you can see here!
 I got this figure as a bonus item on my hunt of
the Romain solder figures from the Asterix range.
And now I got Kristina as a bonus daughter as well.

This figure was not difficult to paint, needed not much different colors.
And since my painting skills aren't that good, this is the result.
A small side project, next to the Romains on my painting desk.
But I had to put Kristina in the spotlight this month.


Well back to my Romains solders again...
I am interested if someone have them for me, please let me know.
For the next FIGZ, I got a new goal....
So bring them on, hahaha


  1. En of we trots op haar zijn!
    Maar jij hebt ook goed je best gedaan op dit figuurtje. Ik ben benieuwd of je andere bonuskids ook als figuurtje gaan verschijnen :-)

  2. Eerst en vooral een dikke proficiat voor Kristina. Mag je echt trots op zijn!
    Ga je proberen tweehonderd Romeinse soldaten te schilderen tegen FIGZ? Vergeet niet een beetje reclame te maken voor de meeting. Staat overal nog op 2017! ;-)

    PS: Angélique, oppassen, straks krijgt hij stress. Je weet toch dat hij maar een figuurtje per maand schildert! :-D


  3. Hi Remco! Congratulations on getting a new "daughter"! You have painted her very well and she looks happy! :)
    I do not have any of those Romans... but I look forward to seeing your paintings.... they are always charming! :)