Sunday, July 29, 2018

Lord Knownothing

this month a post about my lost duel...

My good friend Peter did challenge me for a duel
on Bennos figures forum when we met at FIGZ.
Kristina did pick out this Asterix British figure. 

I tough to paint it a little bit different as I usual do.
Double colors on the shoes, a bit of effect in the hair,
and colors in a different combination.

Gave it the name: Lord Knownothing.
Turned out nice, I tought....

But I got only 8 from the 19 votes...

But it was fun to do, and Peter did deserve to win.
See the duel Here

Hopefully next time more votes for the duel,
cause only 19 voters is not the dueling fun I would like to see.


  1. O, dat valt nog best mee, maar 3 stemmen verschil!
    Ik vind hem leuk geworden! Je hebt hem een mooie naam gegeven :-D

  2. A great job Remco and a good duel, both were excellent.

  3. Never the less a great work on your figure!

  4. Replies
    1. hmm, he does indeed look a bit like you Paul... ;-)

  5. Hi Remco! I think it is so sad to lose the contest.... Lord Knownothing is a very worthy fellow. Still, I do think the red beard is why the other fellow won! :)

    1. Not sad, these duels are for fun, and I wanted to paint the little fellow a bit different so they couldn't guess it was mine. I prefer also a red beard as well.