Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Mother with kids

And again a figure from Dark Heaven Bones Miniatures:
the figure 77097 "Townfolk - Mom & kids" 

These reaper sets are cheap, and because I like non violent figures
I couln't resist this one as well on the event 'Crisis" in Antwerp last year.

When I was painting I saw that the faces didn't look pretty to me.
And I started to like her less and less, unfortunately

And then when I added some effects with wash, it went completely wrong.
Now she looks like a filthy woman with children, 
and some details I painted disappeared

So this month a figure that I am not happy with!
 Luckily I have a few Romans which suits me more.
So I will continue with those, hahaha



  1. Well i kinda like the poses too. In fact i bought quite a few myself a few years ago.Now upon reflection one can only paint what you have at any one
    given time. And your painting looks pretty cool to me,that cannot paint anymore. BB

  2. Hi Remco! It is no fun when we add too much and ruin the good work we have done. This is easy to do. Maybe you can "clean her up" and re-paint the figure when you are feeling happier? But these are hard times...