Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Super Man

This is a remodeling of a old atlantic "africa korps" figure, a german granate trower.
I cut of all the extra's, made a cape from tissue and woodglue, and made his body more shaped.
Also cut off the base, and drilled a hole in his knee because I wanted this guy to fly.
One arm and one leg I did bend a little to get him look a bit more like Superman.
The base is from a botle cap with foam in it, a small iron wire and some fill material.

And here a few pictures from the start of this small project:


  1. How did me saying "boy scout" be close to it turning out as superman?? :-D
    You do realise you have destroyed the collectors value of a pretty rare bod??? But the result is great :-D :-D

  2. Look! Up in the it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Super-Remco!

    Great conversion! I'd never have thought of doing that.

  3. The figure is unrecognizable after your conversion.
    A great superman, but not as great as mine ;-)
    Good job!

  4. Hi Remco,
    DAK Superman :) good idea and good shot...

  5. Is it a Plane??? Noooo...
    Is it Rocket??? Noooo.......
    Cool this is Super Remco!!!!

  6. Love this scratchbuild, when I first saw this I asked myself..were'd he find a suprman figure..LOL...nice stuff my friend.

  7. As said earlier somewhere else, you did a great job converting this figure. If you didn't tell I never would have guessed that this is made of an old Atlantic figure!

    Which super hero is next :-D


  8. That is very well done. The Atlantic Afrika Korps figures are not the best DAK set anyway so no loss on the original, IMHO. I like the flying wire and bottle cap part too!
    Mike Bunkermeister Creek