Sunday, June 10, 2012


Another famous character from the Asterix and Obelix range, the musician Cacofonix!
He is at the end of every comic book bind, so he can't play and sing.


This guy must have the most difficult shirt I have ever seen, cause of the pattern.
The pattern is two colors bleu and white, and the squares are smaller than a mm.
It was hell painting, but I love the result a lot.

From this metal serie I got this figure:

More info about Cacofonix


  1. Met bloed, zweet en trááááánen, lalala...
    Mooi werk! Het is je toch erg goed gelukt, hoor, je mag er trots op zijn.

  2. Great work, especially on the jacket; brilliant Sir!

  3. Congratulation on the beautiful mini Remco. Believe me I KNOW how difficult it is to paint the checker pattern. You pull it off and did the job very well! Jen and I are very happy with the result too!

    Two thumbs up!

    Ben and Jen

  4. Damn good work especially that shirt, it would have killed me!

  5. Great work mate, well worth the effort!

  6. Cacofonix? Funny :-)
    In Germany he is called Troubadix, a derivation of the word "Troubadour".
    "A troubadour is a composer and performer of songs during the High Middle Ages in Europe." (Wikipedia)
    Really nice work!

  7. Excellent work on the checker pattern Remco. Wasn't this figure present at FIGZ? :-D

    Lovely figure! But don't let him sing!


  8. I could have gone blind! Enlarged the pic and echo everyone ! That's one amazing feat you pull off. Less than 1mm???!!!

    Cacofonix was one of my favourite characters from Asterix because of his name :). I also love Getafix and Obelix :).