Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happy Wargamer

This figure is specialy made by Alex for members of Benno's forum who did visit FIGZ 2011.
For me as Benno's dad its extra fun to see his name on the pedestal,
so it was right away clear for me to paint the text gold.

After painting this guy, I am sure to do a knight made by Alex in the future, the details are suberb, and it was realy fun to paint. The only thing what was hard to do was the dice, stupid I know...
Alex is in my eyes a master sculpter, and I would like to thank him for making this figure for us.

More painted Happy Wargames you can find on Benno's Forum 
and personal I hope more will folow.


  1. Excellent! Do you think he spilt any of his beer???

  2. Geweldig schilderwerk! Alle details en zijn dronken kop: prachtig!
    Het is ook een super gaaf figuur.

  3. Hello Remco,

    I want to paint this figure. How can I find ?

  4. Very cool, nicely painted too

  5. Sweet job, Remco. What a clever idea. I can see something like this to be given to the winner of a game, when I am hosting.

  6. very cool and you must be proud of your son. he has brought so many of us together. cool fig if only I could go to Figz

  7. Very nice miniature, i love it.

  8. Nice painting.
    Is there a freebie this year? :-D
    paul´re right about not wanting to paint it because it is original..but I will, when I have a good idea

  9. This a brilliant sculpt and I'd paint one in a heartbeat.

  10. My favourite one so far! Dice for my dad and dance for me :)! Beer for all my friends :).

    You have done a fabulous job with the painting! Truly truly!

  11. Finally, I thought you would never paint it. And the next FIGZ is almost there! Just teasing Remco, I know you painted it a long time ago! ;-D

    Like Paul asked, will there be a new figure?

    You did a great job on him Remco!


  12. What a great fun figure and beautifully painted.

  13. Hi Remco, I still have to paint the one you gave me and post it at Bennos Forum, as I promised you!

  14. He's a beautiful sculpt and well painted as well!

  15. A great gesture by Alex, and a really good work from you!
    Well done Remco!

  16. Hi Remco,

    This is Ben and Jen! We finally got a blogger account lol~ Good to see you are painting! So have we, just not in 1/72. Anyways, Jen says hi and we want you to drop by our pad!

    Warm regards,

    Ben and Jen

  17. Hi Remco! Schitterend miniatuurwerk! Deze dronken vent....prachtig, je voelt 'm schommelen op zijn dobbelsteen ;)
    Groet, Ilona

  18. It's truly beautiful Remco !!!
    I am painting mine just now ... :)