Monday, April 8, 2013

Johan van Valckenburgh

This figure of Johan van Valckenburg was the special figure of "Hamburger Tactica 2013"
Unfortunaly I couldn't go there, so I asked my friend Thomas to buy me on.
The reason is clear, its a (old) famous Dutch man, and since I am Dutch...
Thomas did sent it to me as a gift, so a even bigger suprise for me! Thanks again Thomas!

Beside the figure there is also a measuring instrument

As you can see in the unpainted version, it's a metal figure.

Johan van Valckenburgh was a Dutch ingineer who lived 1575-1625
He buid some fortresses in Germany where he spend the most of his live.
His master was engineer Johan van Rijswijck, 
both served for the Dutch prince Mauritz van Oranje

It was fun painting this compatriot.

Model is sculped by Frank Gemershaus specialy for Tactica fair


  1. Nice work Remco!!
    I like especially the face.
    a very unusual and interesting character.

  2. He is so charming and well done on the painting. Isn't it nice to find a sculpt that represents someone from your native history. I do not think that any exist for my people.

  3. Great job on a great character, Remco.

  4. nice work Remco!!
    I am not copying Sam wise but...
    A very unusual and interesting character.

    great painting and an interesting sculpt.

  5. A really characterful figure and a nice paintjob.


  6. intersting...thanks Remco. Good paint!

  7. Great looking figure, and very nice subject!

  8. The photography of this doll is professional! I can see all the details like the streaks of grey on his hair, the shades on the green band of his uniform etc. Seriously, your painting is just getting better and better.

    Love the before and after comparison.