Monday, May 20, 2013

Monk with bible

This monk is from a set of five and I bought it at Crisis Antwerpen.
A verry good sculped metal figure in 28mm scale

I have given the holy book golden pages, this is not well reflected on the pictures.
But the effect was stunning and better than I could hope for.

Maybe in the future I'll make a small vignette of the 5 together.

The name of the producer of this set I don't know
so if someone knows it I can edit this post and link to
their website.


  1. He's cool! Especially his holy book :-)

  2. Giving the book the golden pages is the perfect touch. He is a nice sculpt too and well painted.

    You really should do a dio with all the figures together. It would make a nice story.

  3. Very useful figure sir, nice work!

  4. Great model. and some cool paint job

  5. great work! the golden pages is a very nice touch. once more very nice painting Remco!

  6. Nice painting, Sir. The monk's robe is just great...the many shades of brown reflecting as the sun covers his robe and reflects its light!

  7. very nice Remco. I love the figures of monks and this is really nice and very well painted!

  8. Good work and nice figure!

    We can see the golden cross of the Holly Bible in the first picture and it seems to have a very good effect.

  9. Very nice work, this monk is looking great!

  10. I truly think that your painting of this monk is excellent. You have outdone yourself, Remco. The shades not just of the robe which is beautifully executed but also the hands (skin is so hard to paint). It is easy to forget how small this doll really is or that this is hand painted and not fired with the colour.

    Excellent job again!

  11. He has big feet! :-D

    Great painted figure!