Sunday, September 8, 2013

Roman stone carver

Unfortunately I have a lot figures received, 
so I'm going to bother you probably the next time with a lot of painted copies.....

Do you recognize them, they where a gift at the chewing gum (1970-1975)

I remember in the store we all did feel the package if Obelix was in it.

And now years later I paint the guys, and they look so different

This man must be strong, he wears 3 stone plateaus.
and still has time to wave.

I hope you like him!


  1. He looks very friendly, I like him!

  2. I like it!
    I don't know about those figures with what they were sold, but I've searched and find on e-bay a lot of identical plastic figures.
    They are very expensive (and even cheap, easy to find, etc...

    Do you think that you have the whole collection ?

    1. I don't know how big the collection is, still looking for more info.
      But got from friends and did buy a lot of them.
      The prices are indeed strange and some people want to make a big proffit.
      For me its the hobby to paint them, So no big amount of money for them.

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  3. He makes me laugh! Great job, Sir.

  4. There are tw or three sets, making a total of 60+ figure to collect?

    Without going away and looking it all up (ie; off the top of my head) the original set was for Tito/Ola and others (Ice Cream), and were also issued with about 10 brands of chewing/bubble-gum across Europe. There are 40-odd figures in the set, taken from Asterix in Britain, Asterix and Cleopatra and Asterix the Gaul (Local Roman camp and Astrix's village characters).

    Another set of about 15/20 figures were issued in France (coffee or washing powder?), these are mostly Asterix the Gaul. And there are some copies/remoulds from Mexico/S.America and Taiwan.

    They were produced in their millions, and yes - rip-off merchants will tell you they are 10 euros each, old granny's at flea-markets will sell you a biscuit-tin full for a couple of euros!

    Pricing of all 1950/70's food premiums - as collectables today - is a madness!

    1. Thanks Hugh for the infos!
      I just want to correct my comment:" they are NOT very expensive ", but maybe too much ?
      I'm a specialist!

  5. Such big hands! I can tell he is strong, Remco. Fabulous job with the painting. No one would have guessed he was just a red blob before .

  6. I like him and the series of books, very nice.

  7. He looks real cute Remco! Great brushwork!


  8. Looking nice and so cute! Great work...

  9. He is ever so charming. All the figures in this collection have that particular feel to them.

    Nice job on the brush work!!