Sunday, July 13, 2014

Another Roman Guard

Yes I know what you think... Pffff another Romain solder...
But making an Asterix scene I need to have more, sorry.

As you can see by his looks, he already knows the Gauls.

I have painted him in the wellknown colors like the others.
So he must be reconisable as a Romain.

This is also from the gummy series from the 70ths.

Well going to make a new one for next month!


  1. Na de reclame op het blog van Angélique kon ik het natuurlijk niet laten om ook hier een kijkje te komen nemen. Kan ik ook eens zien waar jij je mee bezig houdt :-)
    Petje af voor al het mooie schilderwerk en zo klein en zo gedetailleerd gedaan.

  2. I Love that plastic Roman Guard. Nice Blog! Beano Boy

  3. Waiting for the august output! :-D Great looking figure! And yes, I think he knows Obelix! LOL!


  4. Hi Remco, love the Roman soldier, Asterix was a fav comic of mine when I was a child and still love his stories.
    Thanks for passing by my blog and making a comment: trust me, we had our share of rain in Italy.
    In July we had 26 days of rain !!! I wonder if we beat Dutch guinnes prize!
    I wish you a lovely day, Rosanna