Sunday, August 31, 2014


This month I want to show another plastic bubblegum figure from the Asterix series.
Yeah I know what you all think.... Again a Asterix figure... Sorry!!
The fun part on this guy is in my opinion his pants with block pattern.

I guess this is another English friend of Asterix and Obelix.
The colors are not based on the comic, but free choice this time.
If he is in one of the comics, just let me know what his real name is.
For now I just call him Blockix!

This was his original color... Green!


  1. Super gedaan! Ik vind zijn naam heel leuk gevonden en het schilderwerk is echt vakwerk (letterlijk en figuurlijk)!

  2. Haha...Blockix is a Great name for him! Your colors are Inspired! I love the "checquered" trousers! He looks very English too!

  3. Pft, he made it! That was just in time my friend! This one looks wonderfull, but that is because of the trousers!


  4. hahaha Remco nice model. Yes the trouser is great. Reminds me of a dutch guy I know he makes this greatest of great Dutch Wargames shows called Figz together with his son....
    I am getting old forget his name ;->
    But he always has the same smile like the Asterix figure..
    Please paint more of them Remco.