Wednesday, March 23, 2016

And another Romain soldier

Sorry but this month a Solder again...
I need a lot of these guys for my diorama,
and I wish I can find more to paint...

If I am right this guy is from the legion of Cleopatra.
But I painted him in the Romain colors
of the solders like in the comic books.
I guess putting him between the real Romains,
he would fit in the scene perfect!

Personal I like these solders a lot
They paint well, and the green and silver do there job.
A finishing touch with white and black line does it.

Looking at the guy unpainted,
I am always glad with the result.

This is also a plastic figure from the bubblegum serie of the 70ths.
Like you find more of them here on my blog...

Hope you like him!


  1. I love seeing these. :)

    Well done as usual. :)

  2. Echt een stoere vent! Mooi gedaan!

  3. Me to! I only was hoping he would paint some more as one a month! :-D
    Just teasing Remco! Go on and make that army ready for FIGZ!


  4. Hi Remco! I think this guy is really cute! Great painting! I hope you have enough for your scene!

  5. Slightly smaller than the other set,but well worth collecting and indeed painting. Great painting style Remco. BB