Sunday, April 3, 2016

Strong slave

For those who follow my blog, maybe you recognize this guy ...
Because I have also already painted him in 2013:

As you can see he looks now a bit different
This is the fun part of the hobby, using different colors
making a whole other figure this way!
 You can find my old post here

This guy is so impressive, I guess he spends a lot of hours in the gym!

Again a nice figure for my project
I hope you like him this way as well!!
Maybe I will paint him again in another outfit...
If you got a nice suggestion, just let me know! 

Yes another figure from the Asterix series
of the '70th bubble gum range.


  1. Great work, I do prefer the blonde chap, what size are your Asterix figures?

    1. I'm guessing 35mm Ray, judging by the label on the post. ;)

    2. Nope they are smaller...look much bigger on Remcos pics.
      Around 25mm high and stocky modelled.
      But nice models there was also a Lucky Luke series

  2. They do look quite different, very nice!

  3. Lovely job Remco, subtle variation of colour has created a whole new look.

  4. He looks cute too... but he doesn't look very happy.... only a little happier than the first guy! Must be because he has to work so hard!

  5. I think you have the right color now for this figure. You say this is a slave, but I don't think so. Have a look at the album Asterix and the Olympic Games and you will see what I mean!
    Great work again. I will have a look at them at FIGZ!


  6. Nice paint job....looks like your little gallic village you showed last year on FIGZ is becoming a small city

  7. He`s a Bouncer guarding Remco collection of Asterix figures. Just look at him,he`s a mean muscle machine and loyal to the Romans. Blond hair,works for me. Splendid paint job. BB