Monday, October 10, 2016


This month a tribute to my son Benno....
Cause he is the reason I got int this hobby
and people over the whole world having a great time
on the Benno's Figures Forum because of him!

During my search for Roman soldiers from the Asterix collection I found this figure.
He is 30 mm high, and seems to be hanging to something in the past.
Unfortunately I could not figure out who it is, check with friends also gave no outcome.

He looks like a cartoon character, 
and he also slightly looks like Brains from Thunderbirds.

But he also looks a lot like my son Benno
and since he was born in October, made this as October post!

So this is now Benno, and if there is anybody out there
who knows who this figure really is, just let me know!

I hope you like him, I do for sure!!!


  1. Haha, ik ben heel benieuwd hoe Benno het vindt :-) Ik vind hem leuk geworden :-) Maar nu weten we nog steeds niet wie dit figuurtje echt moet voorstellen....

  2. He certainly looks a brainy sort of character now painted.
    And i like him.
    As for the real Benno, i liked him from day one on his Forum.
    It was he,and all the Moderators there who gave me great freedom to express myself in the way i wanted to present my topic`s.For me it was the real beginning of my journey along the yellow brick road,a quest to seek out OZ!

    AS for the little fellow figure,
    i`ve looked at it again and again and noticed a new clue.
    Yes,it also looks like Dads Army!
    A Moderator on Benno`s Figure Forum.
    Thanks Remco,for a great posting BB

  3. I thought Paul would come up with an answer, and he did. And I agree with him. But this fellow looks a little younger than Dad's Army in my opinion! Can it be from a Belgian SF-comic? Or Jetsons? Mid 60s is my guess.

  4. Great post and tribute to your son Remco! Marvellous painted figure!


  5. He's a knock of of the Portuguese big-heads...


    1. WOW thanks, it is indeed "Pipas" from Pop Pallino
      Fantastic to see, but now a new set of figures is on my wish list, hahahaha