Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hot news

This month some sad news....

Because I had a nice vacation in Sweden last month,
I tought to paint a figure in advance...
The wheather in Sweden wasn't to hot,
but here at home in the Netherlands the sun was burning.
Stupid me forgot to put the lid on my magnifier...

Here is the result of my hard work...

Seems this Gaul didn't like his skin color,
and tought to go sunbate a bit...

The sun first hit the cork I use as base...

Then went up to his feet, and up to the shield and ...

Destroyed hours of work...

But fortunately I had to laugh when I saw what happened.
But a shame for this nice figure, cause I need a few
Romains to complete my army...
So I will try to fiend some more..

Well this was my monthly post again,
this time without result,
but don't worry, there will be soon other Romains here!!!


  1. Lucky you didn't burn your house down!


    1. I was just thinking the same thing, could have been a lot worse!

  2. That was very lucky it didn´t set fire to other things!! Very lucky ..with luck like that you should Play the lottery

  3. hahaha, well my son was at home, let's call him fireman Sam in this case...
    And no lottery for me, just a cool vacation is enough!
    A shame for this figure, and the work (I am a slow painter)
    But bought some new ones already, so sorry I keep on going, hahahaha

  4. That poor little fellow! Luckyly Benno saw it on time, otherwise it was a hard lesson.... Now it's just a lesson ;-)

  5. Oh heavens! What a shame he was burnt! It is fortunate that nothing else was destroyed.... I am glad it is all okay! I hope you find more of these cute little guys!

  6. Holy sh... thank god you did not burn Castle Remco down..

  7. I guess Benno used all the icecream he could find to fight that fire! :-D

    You were lucky indeed! Good lesson for us all!


  8. Hi Remco,i`ll replace your burnt out figure free of charge.
    You ought to post this on the Forum Buddy, it is worthy history in the making of Total Toy Destruction!
    Greetings from Fiddle Wood, Norwich UK. BB