Saturday, February 25, 2017

And again a Romain Soldier...

Maybe this face look familiar to you...
Yeah you are right, I have painted this guy before...

The problem is I have painted all available  Romains now

So I have to paint them all just a little different.
And since I have pushed my self to put 1 blog post every month

I can only say sorry to keep those guys comming...
The result of my long term project.
But I will try to put here some other figures so now and then...

This figure is original a solder from the army of Cleopatra,
but the Romain colors makes him look like a Romain I think..

Still looking for more Romains for my long term project,
So if you got them, and don't know what to do with them...
Just let me know!!!

It's from the Bubblegum range of the 70ths..


  1. Great work again!!! The legion is growing :)

  2. Hi Remco! I really like these guys... they are so cute! LOL! And soldiers are supposed to all look alike.... if they are too different they look like a "rag-tag" army! Your painting is very good as usual. If I had any of these guys I would send them, but alas, I have none. I really look forward to someday seeing the long range project too! Keep up the steady posts.... slow but steady wins the race!

  3. hahaha, it has to be a "rag-tag"army, thats why all these guys are different. There is still a lot of work to be done for the project, but I must say the legion is growing now :)

  4. He looks really good for his age,and that`s CoooooooL Painting Remco. I can well imagine him walking into my collection, and giving me orders to paint the rest of his unpainted antique brothers. BB

  5. It's not a roman soldier but a soldier from Egypt.

  6. It's not a roman soldier but a soldier from Egypt.

  7. Hi there, you are right, I forgot to tell in this post it's a Egyptian solder, like I did in the previous post of the same figure. I paint these as romains because I just need a big Romain Legion for my longterm project.