Saturday, March 25, 2017

Elmer Fudd

Hello there!

Yeah this month no Asterix figure, still painting them but would
like to show you something else this time...

It's Elmer Fudd the hunter of the Loony Tunes
"Be vewy vewy quiet, I am hunting..."

A plastic figure I got hunting for Asterix figures
and couldn't resist painting him...

I don't know from where this figure came,
but think he must be from the 70's as well.
I hope you like him!


  1. My first search came up with was in english. The second (in german ) came up with...ELMER FUDD Kaugummi Beilage Dargaud Warner Brothers Looney Toons - 1967. Dargaud, the Same lot who made the Asterix range (?)

    1. Nice bod btw. The Benno´s Meeting?. Maybe next year, I´m very busy and keeping a low Profile at the Moment and I don´t like People who wear pajama tops in public and then not tuck them into thier trousers...very annoying :-)
      I look at Benno´s Forum every other day..but in the Background..

  2. Eindelijk eens iets anders XD Grappig figuurtje, goed geschilderd.

  3. Hi Remco! He is Wonderful! I Love him! He gives me a Big Smile! I hope you can make him "visit" the Asterix people and the Romans... would he scare them and cause a riot?... Just to have some fun! :)

  4. By seeing this bod, I immediately got the theme of Bus Bunny in my ear :)
    Great paintjob as well.

  5. Hi, I'm the eleventh visitor this month :D

  6. A great cartoon character, and well painted Remco. BB