Sunday, April 23, 2017


This month another figure I found
on my never ending hunt for Asterix figures....

The same size like the Asterix figures,
so must be also a chewing gum figure.
It's Maya the bee....

Even when I personal dislike this character, I had to paint her.
The orange body with black stripes....

The wings I did dry bush with silver
to get a more nicer effect.

I am sure to make some kids smile on my next show
They will like the character for sure!

Ohw and don't worry, I am still working on my Asterix project,
but thought to show you something else then every month
the same sort of figures.......


  1. What an interesting character and you have done such a good job on her Remco.

  2. Great work again. Always love to see what special bods you're presenting to us.

  3. The pose is perhaps one where she is saying," Do I look fat in these wings?" A Nice tiny figure. You are a hive of activity my friend.BB