Saturday, June 30, 2018


This month it was a close call, but I made it.
A well known figure I found on internet.

Yeah it is the guy who does get a larger nose when he doesn't speak the truth..

Today, the last day of the month I did finish him right on time...
but making the photo's, I saw I forgot his gloves. AHRRR...

So here he is with gloves, and does he like it?

His nose doesn't grow, so I think so!

Not much detail work, and painted the same comic style
as my Asterix figures

The figure was one color plastic, I guess also from the 70ths
Personal I don't know where its from...

well that's all folks for this month, back to the figures who
have more my interest...
It was fun to paint something different, but to be honnest
it wasn't my favorite figure to paint!