Saturday, October 24, 2020

We met the Gauls...

This month again a part of my Asterix project.
For those who know me, I try to buy the old chewing gum figures from the 70ths.
And sometime they are broken, by post or just by age...

And because these guys are so hard to get, 
I tough to make special figures from them.
When you know the Asterix comics, these guys can fly...

And because they never die, the only thing is there spears are broken...
So I made some broken spears from paperclip and Milliput.

and in a simple way I made the figures usable again:

First cut the broken part above the hand
and dril a hole in the hand because this part is thicker 

Then see how long the spear should be...
And simply cut it to the right size

The last part is to add some white glue
so it will bet thicker, stronger and better to paint.

and some new special "broken" figures are ready..

First a coat of primer before the painting can begin..

And what fun to paint these guys, they look fantastic.

All solders having a blue eye of course
and one had a piece of plastic hanging on his mouth
that looked like a tongue ...

So you see, even from broken figures you can make something out of it.
I hope you like them, I do my self for sure.
Now I have to find more figures on the internet, even the broken ones.