Saturday, July 23, 2016

Yep, another Romain...

Yes as you can see....
This month another Romain came under my brush...

Like all the other Romains, simply colors and such a fun to paint...

Just look of the difference between the original plastic figure
and painted with just a few colors.
Like the figure comes so much a life...

Sometimes I got the question how big these figures are,
well between 2,5 an 3,5 cm high.
In this picture I placed a rule next to it.

The most fun part is when people my age recognize them,
and are amazed how much different they look.

For those who visit my blog before, it must be boring to see
the same figures every time, but I am working on a project
whit a lot of Romain solders, so more will follow (sorry)

I just found a few more Romains on the internet,
so they are waiting to get colorized by me.

(Hope to find more Romains, please let me know when you got one for me)