Saturday, August 31, 2019

Monk with coffin

This month I want to show you another monk.
Bought these years ago at Crisis in Antwerpen.

All the photos give more shine and 
less color difference than the original figure.
The cape on his shoulders is a lot lighter than the rest.
So I guess to make another time better pictures...

The figure is from a set of 5 figures,
and has been in a drawer for a while...
The first one I did show on this blog in may 2013...
Oeps I am getting old, it's 2019 already!
Better paint the other 3 as well, and make a small vignette.
I must say, its something different than the Asterix range.
These are 28mm metal figures, and I don't know the brand.
Just because it's non violent, and nice looking, I did buy these.
So it took some time, hope it was worth waiting.