Sunday, September 30, 2018


This month a little scratch work of one of the Asterix figures.
And it turned out exactly as I had in mind.

The figure is one of the chiefs shield bearers.
First I removed his sword with a knife.
I drilled a hole in the hand, and put a piece of paperclip in it.
Then made from carton a brush point.

And made from paper a small test painter's palette
witch I then cut out of a small piece of plastic.

Here you see the brush and the painter's palette with a piece
of paperclip to simulate his thumb through the palette.

And finally used some white wood glue to make the
brush more round, and also the thumb a bit thicker.

And with a little primer on it, I had my new figure

So not much scratch, simple but effective!

Then painted him colorful, and also did paint a model.

On a small rock I had to paint his model, because in those days
they didn't have the painting boards like we know now.

A painting easel I made from some twigs.
And some crocheted cotton from my girlfriend.

And so created a small simple vignette...

 A small simple vignette it is, but personally like it a lot.

My inspiration to convert this figure into a painter
came from a post on Facebook where I saw this figure:

Well back to paint some Romain Solders again,
this was a nice side project, hope you like it as well.