Saturday, December 24, 2016

X-mas Druïde

December is the month of X-mas.....
And as you can see, also in the small village of the Gauls.

Like last month I made a small conversion of a broken plastic figure
from the Asterix bubblegum range of the 70ths.
The spoon in his hand was broken on top of his hand.

That was the moment I had a idea to make a X-mas stick of it,
and give the Druïde a hat for the total Santa look.
So I put some iron wire to his head and hand as you can see.

Then I made the hat with milliput (Yellow-Grey)
and a small detail under his coat as well.

A bit of white woodglue to make the x-mas stick look better.

The red and white paint where the finishing touch.
And I think it turned out very well

I hope you can appreciate this small conversion,
and I wish you all a merry X-mas and a happy new year.
Thanks for taking a look at my blog, hope you come back next year!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

They are in the forest....

Oeps, look at this poor Romain....

This month I have painted a broken Romain!!
As you know, I search the internet for the Asterix Romans.
And some figures I buy turn out to be slightly damaged, like this one.
This figure was missing the part of his spear above his hand.
Then it occurred to me, because he already had had hits ...
To make a broken spear out of it

I have used for the steel iron wire, and then made the point with milliput (Yellow-Grey)

Then 2 small details with paint on his face:
made his eye a bit purple, like he was hit on it
and made his nose a bit red, like it has bled

And so a broken Romain, is really become a Roman who came out of the fight
or at least Obelix come across in the forest ...

I am very satisfied with the end result, 
it's something different than the normal chewing gum figurines

I hope you like this guy as much as I do
and maybe this little conversion brought your  some ideas!

Monday, October 10, 2016


This month a tribute to my son Benno....
Cause he is the reason I got int this hobby
and people over the whole world having a great time
on the Benno's Figures Forum because of him!

During my search for Roman soldiers from the Asterix collection I found this figure.
He is 30 mm high, and seems to be hanging to something in the past.
Unfortunately I could not figure out who it is, check with friends also gave no outcome.

He looks like a cartoon character, 
and he also slightly looks like Brains from Thunderbirds.

But he also looks a lot like my son Benno
and since he was born in October, made this as October post!

So this is now Benno, and if there is anybody out there
who knows who this figure really is, just let me know!

I hope you like him, I do for sure!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hot news

This month some sad news....

Because I had a nice vacation in Sweden last month,
I tought to paint a figure in advance...
The wheather in Sweden wasn't to hot,
but here at home in the Netherlands the sun was burning.
Stupid me forgot to put the lid on my magnifier...

Here is the result of my hard work...

Seems this Gaul didn't like his skin color,
and tought to go sunbate a bit...

The sun first hit the cork I use as base...

Then went up to his feet, and up to the shield and ...

Destroyed hours of work...

But fortunately I had to laugh when I saw what happened.
But a shame for this nice figure, cause I need a few
Romains to complete my army...
So I will try to fiend some more..

Well this was my monthly post again,
this time without result,
but don't worry, there will be soon other Romains here!!!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Romain with Moustage

And another monthly post it is...
Yeah I know, another Romain...

This time I decided to make the face a little different...
So I did give this little man a moustage!!! 
His face was made for it.

The colors are the same as the others.
Personal I can't get enough of the Romains.
They are really fun to paint,
and cause the army is growing it looks better every time! 

So this is another figure from 
the plastic Asterix bubblegum range
of the '70, long ago but still great!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Yep, another Romain...

Yes as you can see....
This month another Romain came under my brush...

Like all the other Romains, simply colors and such a fun to paint...

Just look of the difference between the original plastic figure
and painted with just a few colors.
Like the figure comes so much a life...

Sometimes I got the question how big these figures are,
well between 2,5 an 3,5 cm high.
In this picture I placed a rule next to it.

The most fun part is when people my age recognize them,
and are amazed how much different they look.

For those who visit my blog before, it must be boring to see
the same figures every time, but I am working on a project
whit a lot of Romain solders, so more will follow (sorry)

I just found a few more Romains on the internet,
so they are waiting to get colorized by me.

(Hope to find more Romains, please let me know when you got one for me)

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Have a break

 This month something entirely different.

A sweet courting couple in a rowing boat.

I think he brings her to a romantic spot at the other side...

The nice way the water passes along the boat..

And take a look at the water behind the boat..

In the suitcase are probably the picnic stuff.

A cool small set is is, really fun to paint!

The set is from Sgts' Mess (nr. NC26)
and is a metal set, with a resin boat

For the fun factor I bought in a store with old second hand stuff,
a cup and a spoon, and I have glued it all together.
For the water I used silicone sealant with some paint.
The color of the water turned out green/brown,
but not in the way I had in mind unfortunately.

I made it special for the FIGZ painting competition,
but the others where better and went off with the Cup...
And at the end of the competition, he was so beautiful in front off the Cup,
I had to take a picture just for fun of it, LOL


So sorry no cup for me, but a blogpost for you!
Only a teacup it is, hahahaha
Hope you like it!!!