Saturday, January 26, 2019

I want to break free

Yeah another conversion, meet Fredix Mercurix!
The idea came after I did visit the Queen movie Bohemian Rhapsody.
On my hunt to Romain solders I had to buy figures I didn't need like this slave.
So like the title says, this slave wants to break free.
With this fun idea, I went to make a conversion...

I will show the steps of making him:

This figure was standing on my workbench some time,
waiting for a funny conversion.
Giving him a dumbell would be a simple solution, 
and I wanted to make something else out of this paperclip..

Well let's start, since the holes in his hand where already drilled,
and a paper clip fit well, it was time to start with the slave...

First of all I did cut the two sides of a dowel...

to make a few tits on this cool tough guy....

I covered his tits with some tissue and wood glue

In his head I drilled two holes to put the paperclip in.

Then mold the hair with milliput,
getting more fun every step...

primer on it, ready to paint!
what a handsome happy guy it is, hahaha

In the meantime I bent the paper clip, and filled it up with wood glue.

After drying, I sprayed this black,
then made the tube with pieces Scobido string.

And that's how he got his vacuum cleaner rod.
However, a different type than was used in the video clip...

Because of the pose of this figure I had to make another type of vacuum cleaner ...
First I wanted to make an ordinary type of vacuum cleaner, until I got the following idea ...

With foam I started to work, this model is going to make it extra funny!

A paper edge made, after which everything is smeared with wood glue.
The wheels are made with also an extra layer of wood glue

And then painting the vacuum cleaner ...

Until there is the famous "Henry"

Together it has become a nice version of Freddy Mercury.
Although I still have to make a pedestal to show him permanently, 
I could not wait to show him this month:

Hopefully you will find him as much fun as myself. Until next month.

In the meantime you can perhaps watch a video clip: