Monday, April 27, 2020

Stay at home

As it is time to place a new monthly post, 
I had no idea what to paint in this crisis periode 
of Covid-19 better known as Corona virus.
It is sunny and I am now busy working in the garden...
And no gym, so we slowly expand.
This gave my a idea to make a fun version of me right now.

I took the fat fish seller from the Gaul village...

Cut away the fish, and drilled a hole through his hand..
Put a piece of paperclip into it.

The fish has been saved, so no protest action is necessary!

I cut the top of a rake from an empty plastic milk carton.

To emphasize the pandemic, I made a mouth mask out of tissue
I made the choirs from some pieces of yarn.

And so you converted your figure in just a few steps

A little primer on it ... and paint!

He immediately started helping me in the garden, how cool is that!

Yes, even in the small Gaul village, the virus has struck

I hope you like him, I sure do.
Keep save and stay at home.
Better times will come.