Saturday, December 29, 2018


And again a year went by, so for my last post of 2018
I show you Elvis Presley in 20 mm

I did use the figure for a duel on bennosfiguresforum
and like always I did loose again...

Mine was called "The King rocks!"

but hé, painting is for fun, and I had fun painting it.

On his coat I added some golden lines,
and on his trousers silver stripes.
On the pictures you can't see good.

The figure is from Hagen Miniatures
who where on FIGZ.
Always fun to find a non violent figure.
Only 20mm is a bit small for my eyes...

Now back to my Asterix figures, also for FIGZ

I wish everybody a great 2019
See you next year!

Saturday, November 17, 2018


It's november again, that's good news for the Dutch children.
Because Sinterklaas is in the Netherlands until the 5th December.
But also in the Gaul village they seems to know this character.
So the Druïde is wearing his Sinterix cloths as well.

I used this figure, who has normally a spoon in his hand.
Cut away his knife and long coat.

From a paperclip I made his "staf" and from carton his "mitter"

And from a Tissue paper a new long coat.

With some white glue I added layor on layor 
so it gets strong enough to paint it.

My wife had some handy carton attribute for
making her cards, where I cut the 2 crosses from.

And the scrap work was ready!
So I sprayed the ground layer before painting,

And with colors it really became our famous friend.

And while I am posting this blogpost the real Sinterklaas
is on television, so the children can see the boat from Spain.

In a special news item they have contact with the boat the last weeks.
And today on 17th November he is more then welcome.
Children are waiting, and singing songs, 
and hoping he can find our small country...

They almost went to England, because of the low water.

And as you can see, the boat found his way...

And soon the major could shake his hand, pffff.

  And while there is a big party going on,
I end this blogpost about my scrap figure of Sinterklaas
And some picture of my television screen.
A nice Dutch tradition I also wanted to share.

Hope you liked it!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Lucky Luke and Jolly Jumper

This month another comic figure..
Lucky Luke with his horse Jolly Jumper.

Also a plastic series, but much larger then the Asterix figures.

Lucky Luke has his famous O legs
what makes this figure uniek.
He can stand on his feet, or sit on the back

of his loyal horse Jolly Jumper.

When I saw them I directly wanted this series, and I got them all!
So here are the first 2 painted like in the comic book...

First I painted the famous main character Lucky Luke

 The man who shoots faster then his shadow!

Then I painted Jolly Jumper
Yeah I did a extra figure this month...

So they can be shown as a real team to you.

Painting this bigger figures was more difficult,
and the Vallejo White needed a lot of layers...
Funny small detail is he has a sigaret in his mouth,
something a new figure these days would never get.

I don't know much about the figures.
I guess they are also from the seventies.
Never seen them before, but a great range!
Hope you like them as much as I do.

Thanks for watching this post.

Sunday, September 30, 2018


This month a little scratch work of one of the Asterix figures.
And it turned out exactly as I had in mind.

The figure is one of the chiefs shield bearers.
First I removed his sword with a knife.
I drilled a hole in the hand, and put a piece of paperclip in it.
Then made from carton a brush point.

And made from paper a small test painter's palette
witch I then cut out of a small piece of plastic.

Here you see the brush and the painter's palette with a piece
of paperclip to simulate his thumb through the palette.

And finally used some white wood glue to make the
brush more round, and also the thumb a bit thicker.

And with a little primer on it, I had my new figure

So not much scratch, simple but effective!

Then painted him colorful, and also did paint a model.

On a small rock I had to paint his model, because in those days
they didn't have the painting boards like we know now.

A painting easel I made from some twigs.
And some crocheted cotton from my girlfriend.

And so created a small simple vignette...

 A small simple vignette it is, but personally like it a lot.

My inspiration to convert this figure into a painter
came from a post on Facebook where I saw this figure:

Well back to paint some Romain Solders again,
this was a nice side project, hope you like it as well.