Saturday, July 25, 2020


This month another conversion: Superman

Also made of this cool Asterix figure!
First remove his skirt and shoes

 And then make a pair of pants from a paper handkerchief

Layer by layer with some white wood glue resulted in a diaper, 
you could say Superman was born hahaha

I made his cape in the same way like his pants.

While supporting to get the correct shape, there was some damage.
But since you paste layer by layer, that is no problem at all!

Finally I had to make his curl in his hair ...
I made this from a piece of copper electrical wire

 carefully drilled a hole in his head, then glued the curl into it.

 Finally in the primer, so he can get his famous colors ....

I think he looks like the real Superman ...

He is ready to join the other superheroes:

So you see what you can do with 1 Asterix figure, 
I hope you like this one too!