Sunday, August 14, 2011


This one is a small vignette I made for a duel on Benno's Forum

The figure is from Lucky Toys (TL0011) Vlad Tzepes
The dueling theme was "Going to bed" so I made a own design coffin out of foam,
and put foil in the inside to make it look like a soft bed.
The candlestick is made of 3 electrical wires and a candle from foam.
The floor, and the wall are also made of foam, the window is made out of a piece of plastic from a icecreambox, painted this in original bat theme design.
At last I made a stool out of foam, so Vlad can get better in to his bed!

Hope you like this one, for me it was a lot fun making!

Friday, August 5, 2011


And here is my 4th figure who is painted: The chief of the village Abraracourcix.
Usualy two of his guards carry this man around...

From this metal serie I got this figure:

More info about Abraracourcix