Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ooohh René

This month something in the 20mm scale.
Of course you recognize these characters from the British serie 'Allo 'Allo.

This is René, the famous owner of Cafe René.
The man loved by every woman, and even by a German lieutenant..

And his "stuu-pid woman" Madam Edith
who does come in when René is holding one of his waitresses.

The sexy Yvette, famous of "Ohh René 'old me in you'r 'arms"
she is planning to marry René after the war.

Of course small Mimi, who does fancy René as well
and wants to kill the Germans by her self.

The figures are metal and from sgts-mess
I had these as a birthdaygift from my son, he knows how I like this series.
In some countries this BBC series is unknown, but when you look at youtube
I am sure you like it as well, typical British humor!
You will find more info about the tv-series 'Allo'Allo here

I hope you like them like I do..
and no I am not planning to make the cafe René now
because of the many projects I am working on!
But I got more figures from this series, so one day I will!