Friday, August 27, 2021

Obelix with books


This month I was inspired by this Obelix
that you can buy as a small statue.

Because in my search for the Roman soldiers I found quite 
a few double figures, including this Obelix... Perfect!

I googled all the album covers and formatted them in excel. 
Best job I say...

Unfortunately the printer couldn't handle the small print, 
so I decided to make some thicker books out of it.

After pasting, the cutting of the books began.

And when all the books were ready,
the now painted Obelix could look at them.

The books were then glued together, 
and because they are so thick I had some left over to make a base.

The base got its firmness with a lot of glue.

And so this figure with a whole stack of books was born.

on a pile of books, with a pile of books.

Here you can see how messy the books are stacked.

On the back of the base I turned a book over, of course, all albums are on it.

And even though I'm going to make it again with thinner books, 
I'm very happy with the end result.

I hope you liked it too, thanks for visiting!

Obelix stack of comic book

Obelix stack of comic booksObelix stack of comic books

Obelix stack of co