Saturday, May 29, 2021

Asterix the Legionary


And this month again a Asterix figure...
or a Roman soldier, you may say ...

inspired by the album Asterix the Legionary

I took one of the many Asterix figures,
one without the feathers on his helmet.

The sword and the clothes I cut away...

And from a paper clip with some milliput I made a few spears.

Then I made his armor and helmet out of cardboard. 
The pieces of clothing from some toilet paper soaked with PVA glue.

Finally drilled a hole in his hand, and placed the spear there,
reinforced with some PVA glue.

Then a coat of primer on top, and ready to paint ...

And that's how you turn a famous Gaul into a Roman soldier...

I thought it was a nice challenge,
and you understand that Obelix is
now also coming in his army uniform.

It will be very nice to see those two among the hundreds of Romans!

Avé friends, thank you for visiting!

Monday, April 19, 2021

Flying Witch

Years ago the special figure of FIGZ 
was this awesome flying witch with her cat.

Sculped by my good friend Alex.

Since she is flying, I had to present her differently. 
I chose confirmation through her back.

After I had drilled the hole and glued a paper clip into it,
I could start painting.

I opted for a purple version, supplemented with some pink. 
Of course the cat is black.

It had been a while since I had painted 20mm,
it was fun to do (although I really prefer the larger scale)

For the presentation I had opted for a deep photo frame,
I glued a haloween picture on the back wall.

I made the frame black, so that it gives the right depth and atmosphere.

When the frame was ready, it was time to add the witch.
(the bumps will disappear later)

Determine the right place and start drilling ...

During this execution, of course the broom broke.
Yes the figure is very vulnerable. 
After that was glued again, this is the end result.

I made this for my girlfriend with whom I have been together for 13 years today. 
She loves witches and has been looking forward to 
the painted version of this witch for a long time.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Sweep till I sleep

 This month a realy fun post

because I did challenge my bonus-son for a duel

He did choose a nice lady from the Bones range

of Reaper miniatures nr. 77088 

called Townfolkes Grandmother

The duel ended in his favor, yeah I lost again..

But it was fun to do this together!

I did paint her with a striped dress

She turned out well

and because Jurrien doesn't have a blog

His well deserved winning figure

With a cool idea to make a flower dress.

Thanks for having this duel, it was so much fun!

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Squaw making dinner

And again an old figure, from the Atlantic set 1012 Sioux Camp.
It is an Indian woman who is going to cook a rabbit.

I got this figure from my Belgian friend Peter.
When he did sent me the Gold digger
for my duel against Mr. X on our forum.

He send me a lot non violent figures, but this girl
I had to paint for a duel against Peter.
That was part of the deal, so I had to duel again...

Because Peter mailed me his pictures before I started
I would play it fair, so I decided to use other colors.

Even the rabbit had to be brown, not gray.
And I added some white spots on him.
Even gave him a name: Peter Rabbit.

Yeah I lost again, but I had fun painting
Thats where it is all about.
Here you find the DUEL 


Sunday, January 17, 2021

Indian with peace-pipe

This month another figure I got from my good friend Peter.
Sending me the golddigger for the duel, he send me more non violent.

Even unpainted I like this one a lot.
And since I like non-violent... 
with a peace-pipe I couldn't resist to paint him.


A bit bit of my comfort zone I must say


Hope I did use some right colors, even tried to paint
a small stripe on on his sleeve.

Let's start 2021 with peace I would say!