Sunday, December 25, 2011


This small vignette I did make a year ago for the paining competition on Benno's Forum
The theme was christmas, so I tought "Humbug... what will I make"

I came up with the idea of making a part of the christmas carol, a scene his dead partner Marley brings Scrooge to his own grave..

The gost of Marley is made of a skeleton fig, who has a chain for al the bad things he did.
This chain is made of a old necklace chain given to me by my girlfriend.
The skeleton figure I got from Paul, it was a figure without a head.
Just made a cape out of aluminium foil

The gravestone is made of foam, and for those who woundering why there isn't any snow at the side of the vignette where Scrooge is, thats to show the difference between dead (cold) and alive (warm)

Hope you like it...

And because of first X-Mas day today, I tought it would be a nice day for posting!

Merry Christams "humbug"