Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Flag guy

This month a totally different project...
My FIGZ flag guy!

Like every year I organize a small event called FIGZ
and since 3 years it's a reason to start a groupbuild

The theme this year is to make a big parade of figures
using figures from there own country.

I am not good in these sort of paintjobs, but as organizor
I felt that I had to take part of it, so I had a idea.

Making a guy with a promotion flag of FIGZ.

With a figure of the set Revell 2564 I started this conversion:

First I cut of his tool, and the next step was his arms.
Had to give them the right pose to held a flagpole .
Even tried to change his hand, but that didn't work.
Drilled holes, put in some metal wire, and glued.
For the flagpole I used a normal pin, heated it so it fits in his hand.
With paper tissue and wood glue I made the flag.

...and on the painting table giving him the Dutch look
Yeah you still see secretly a Roman here, hahaha

painted the flag orange with white FIGZ letters

And made his cap in the Dutch red-white-blue

and on his way to Arnhem to take part of the parade
that my good friend Jan will make for us

FIGZ is on the first sunday of June

It was fun making this flag guy!
Can't wait to see him in the parade....

I hope you like him!