Sunday, June 30, 2019

Naughty Witch

As the title does say, a bit of a naughty post this month.
But it must be the warm weather I presume
why this witch is wearing this outfit.

I am talking about the special FIGZ figure 2019.
For those who visit FIGZ every year my good friend Alex
does sculpt a figure in scale 1/72 in a limited edition.
This year he send me a mail, he was a bit carried away...
Now you can see what he ment....

And for me personal it was something new to paint.
Okay I admit I had a lot of fun doing her.
Hours of research for this uniform, hahaha

Not really my scale to paint, but she looks fine to me.

I did put her on a wooden pedestal, and kept it simple...

A big thanks to Alex for making this special figure.

Hope you like her, next month no nude by me, lol