Sunday, June 16, 2013

To Be or not To Be

The special figure for FIGZ 2013!!!

As most of you know, I organize once a year the small event FIGZ
to promote this hobby in the Netherlands.
I am proud to say that my Rusian friend Alex made again
a amazing figure in our theme "Game"
a real colectors item, cause only 50 are made!

So I had to paint this guy fast, cause I wanted to show him at the FIGZ shop.
Because of the timelimit, I personal am not pleased by the result.
The text "Bennos figures" had turned out unreadable, but the FIGZ sides turned out well

But it was the first of the only 50 who was painted.
And like the happy wargamer again a suberb figure to paint.
The sculpt of this 1/72 figure is amazing, thanks Alex!

Hope you like it, and will see U at the next FIGZ!