Sunday, December 25, 2011


This small vignette I did make a year ago for the paining competition on Benno's Forum
The theme was christmas, so I tought "Humbug... what will I make"

I came up with the idea of making a part of the christmas carol, a scene his dead partner Marley brings Scrooge to his own grave..

The gost of Marley is made of a skeleton fig, who has a chain for al the bad things he did.
This chain is made of a old necklace chain given to me by my girlfriend.
The skeleton figure I got from Paul, it was a figure without a head.
Just made a cape out of aluminium foil

The gravestone is made of foam, and for those who woundering why there isn't any snow at the side of the vignette where Scrooge is, thats to show the difference between dead (cold) and alive (warm)

Hope you like it...

And because of first X-Mas day today, I tought it would be a nice day for posting!

Merry Christams "humbug"

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thomas Leatherboy

Cheers on this wounderfule figure made by Alex as a gift and limited edition for the forum meeting in Kampen (NL) 2010.

The idea of this figure was born in the chatroom of Bennos forum, where my good friend Thomas showed his picture wearing a lederhose. His plan was to visit us in Kampen, so we asked Alex to make this small German beer drinking figure. I am proud to show this figure here, even some of my friends did a much better job as you can see on Bennos forum.
This figure deserved a peddestal, so I bought a small beerglass, filled it with foam, and some gleu for the drops on the glass.
A special thanks to Alex, who did make this posible for us!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Super Man

This is a remodeling of a old atlantic "africa korps" figure, a german granate trower.
I cut of all the extra's, made a cape from tissue and woodglue, and made his body more shaped.
Also cut off the base, and drilled a hole in his knee because I wanted this guy to fly.
One arm and one leg I did bend a little to get him look a bit more like Superman.
The base is from a botle cap with foam in it, a small iron wire and some fill material.

And here a few pictures from the start of this small project:

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Alexander's Thessalian Cavalry

Here is a other entry I made for a duel on Benno's forum

It was a duel against my friend Peter, and these where the first non WW2 solders I painted,
and also my first horses. The painting on these figures from Hat set 8048 was hard,
because the plastic was soft and the paint didn't hold on to good.
The horse who walks on front, had a panther skin on him, what was a hell to paint.
The landscape is made from PUR with some small stones and grass on it.

I did use as a painting guide the Osprey book "The army of Alexander the Great"

Sunday, August 14, 2011


This one is a small vignette I made for a duel on Benno's Forum

The figure is from Lucky Toys (TL0011) Vlad Tzepes
The dueling theme was "Going to bed" so I made a own design coffin out of foam,
and put foil in the inside to make it look like a soft bed.
The candlestick is made of 3 electrical wires and a candle from foam.
The floor, and the wall are also made of foam, the window is made out of a piece of plastic from a icecreambox, painted this in original bat theme design.
At last I made a stool out of foam, so Vlad can get better in to his bed!

Hope you like this one, for me it was a lot fun making!

Friday, August 5, 2011


And here is my 4th figure who is painted: The chief of the village Abraracourcix.
Usualy two of his guards carry this man around...

From this metal serie I got this figure:

More info about Abraracourcix

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lineman at work

This small vignete shows a Lineman at work

I tought it would be fun to do something diffrent to a figure.
So I used a figure (Italeri - American Infantry) who is lying behind his machine gun,
and made a line man out of it.

As pole I used a wooden stick for the barbeque, in top a matchstick with small nails,
beads and some brass wire.
On the ground there is a street from foam, and the boxes as well.
The barbed wire is made out of sewing-thread with a lot of knots,
the two poles are made of small wooden sticks.
The wire is made of brass wire.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Here is the man who makes the drinks for Asterix, and all the village people.
Only Obelix can't get some, because he fell in to the kettle when he was a baby.
It's the druide, also a well known caracter.

From this metal serie I got this figure:

More info about Panoramix

Wounded on the street

Because I painted these figures by mistake for my medical jeep dio,
I forced myself to make a very smal vignette.

Made it of foam, the sidewalk is made of the foam they put the meats
on in the supermarket. The rainpipe is made of a wooden sate stick.

It was my first try of using foam, and here is the result:

even made the drainage in the curb...

The figures I used ar from the Pegasus kit "US Rangers D-Day"


This is the second figure from my Asterix and Obelix collection.
Everyone knows this big caracter, the other protagonist from
the well known comics Asterix & Obelix with his dog Idefix

From this metal serie I got this figure:

More info about Obelix

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Medical Jeep

This is my medical jeep, I remodeled it from the Hasegawa kit MT1:

This box comes with a cargotrailer and a 37mm Gun.
I didn’t use them, but in stead I remodeled the jeep in to a ambulance jeep.
The back of the jeep needed to be prepared for 2 stretchers.
So I made a frame of iron wire, and even made a roof on top of it.
I made 2 stretchers, one for a wounded man,
and one that wasn’t expanded yet.

On the stretcher is a fig from an other Hasegawa model,
I had to because I first used another fig,
but when I was painting him I saw that this guy had a piece of arm on him,
seems it was a part of an other guy who was giving him first aid.
So I did make mini vignette for these two guys.
(the fig I mean is the second on the right!)

The figures I used ar from the Pegasus kit "US Rangers D-Day"

I made a small vignette:
7 x 9 cm


This is the first figure from my Asterix and Obelix collection.
Everyone knows this small caracter, the protagonist from
the well known comics Asterix & Obelix

From this metal serie I got this figure:

More info about Asterix