Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Lucky Luke and Jolly Jumper

This month another comic figure..
Lucky Luke with his horse Jolly Jumper.

Also a plastic series, but much larger then the Asterix figures.

Lucky Luke has his famous O legs
what makes this figure uniek.
He can stand on his feet, or sit on the back

of his loyal horse Jolly Jumper.

When I saw them I directly wanted this series, and I got them all!
So here are the first 2 painted like in the comic book...

First I painted the famous main character Lucky Luke

 The man who shoots faster then his shadow!

Then I painted Jolly Jumper
Yeah I did a extra figure this month...

So they can be shown as a real team to you.

Painting this bigger figures was more difficult,
and the Vallejo White needed a lot of layers...
Funny small detail is he has a sigaret in his mouth,
something a new figure these days would never get.

I don't know much about the figures.
I guess they are also from the seventies.
Never seen them before, but a great range!
Hope you like them as much as I do.

Thanks for watching this post.