Sunday, September 10, 2017

You're late....

Hmmm, looks like someone is in trouble...

On first sight it seems okay...

But looking better there is something extra at this woman...

In her right hand she holds a rolling pin behind her back.

Yeah I did add a small extra detail on this nice figure!

And rather simpel as well, took a part of a paperclip
 and bowed in a sort of L shape, drilled a hole next to her hand.

Then cut of a part of a small tube from a spraycan,
and some wood glue, and it already looks good!

As you saw last month, I paint a lot of Romain solders,
and to get those I have to buy also a lot of different figures from
the Asterix chewing gum range, and this is the result of having
more of the same figures, a little scratch added to it.

I hope you like her, I do for sure.
Turned out exactly like I had in mind.