Sunday, March 29, 2015


This month something different:
On Bennosfiguresforum my good friend Jan
asked members to join a groupbuild for 
because of the 200th anniversary of the Waterloo battle.
This project will be shown on FIGZ 2015!
And because I organize FIGZ, I took part on it as well.
So I choose the Dutch Belgian Light Dragoons from Hät

2 Horses and 2 Nappies an a uniforminfo was my start

First I had to base them, auch this must hurt...

Then the painting started, and I can tell you, these will be my last 20 mm Nappies
I didn't like it at all to paint them, what a hell of a paintjob.
Still not satisfied, but have to send them to Jan now.
Now I am curious to see the total scene in June.

Well this is my contribution:

And the other one:

Together they look already like a small army:

More info about BFFFWP: Here
Used figures: Hät 8032
Uniforminfo: Here

When the BFFFWP diorama is ready
I will update this blog!